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How to Get Big Hair

How to Get Big Hair

Whether you want voluminous wavy hair or big bouncy curls, learn how to get big hair the right way with these two beautiful, attractive hairstyles!

How to Get a Voluminous Wavy Hairstyle

Step 1: Wash and Blow-dry your Hair

When you want to achieve a voluminous wavy hairstyle, start with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. If you want that big hair effect, blow-dry your hair starting at the roots with your head down: your hair may look big and messy but you can lightly brush the ends of your hair with a large paddle. Do not brush the roots excessively, this process can have a flattening effect and it’s the wrong thing to do when you’re focused on how to get big hair.

Step 2: Curl and Style your Hair

Section off your hair into 3 main parts and begin with the underneath hair while the rest of your hair is pinned up. For a big wavy hairstyle, use 1-1/2″ curling iron to wrap thick strands of hair around it: do this from the middle to the end of each piece of hair to give a natural look.

Cover all three sections of the hair, with less work on the top layers of the hair to give a more natural wave. If your big waves look too tight, then use the brush or your fingers to loosen them and scrunch your hair a bit to give it more texture. Finish your voluminous wavy hairstyle by lightly misting with medium hold hairspray.

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How to Get Big Hair

How to Get a Big Curly Hairstyle

Step 1: Start with a Ponytail

Gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head and secure with elastic. Divide your ponytail into sections to keep hair out of the way so that only small sections are curled at a time to create the most effective big curly hairstyle. Take a one inch section of hair each time.

Step 2: Curl Hair and Add Volume

Curl each small section you have separated from the rest of your hair using a large barrel curler, making new sections until you have curled all of the hair in your ponytail. Remove the ponytail. Do this with care, so as not to crush the curls you’ve just made. Bend at the waist and let your big curly hair fall loose. You’re almost done on your way to the right results when wondering how to get big hair. Flip your head back and lock the volume with hair spray. Your big curly hairstyle is ready: beautiful, voluminous, and bouncy sexy curls.

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How to Get Big Hair

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