How to Get Shiny Hair

How to Get Shiny Hair

Shiny hair exudes health and beauty. It will make any type of hairstyle appear more luscious and gorgeous. This is due to the fact that healthy hair can reflect the light that reaches the hair strands better that damaged hair. This optical illusion can be observed better on darker hair than of fairer just because the reflexion is seen better off darker colors.

Straight hair also seems to reflect light better, thus appear shinier due to the fact that the hairs are perfectly aligned and straight and can therefor catch more light. This is one of the reasons why tight curled hair will appear shinier if straightened.

To ensure your tresses appear lustrous you need to make sure you are caring for you hair:

make sure you eat diverse foods, foods that are rich in healthy nutrients and vitamins. Vitamins maintain hair’s health, thus ensuring that the hair remains shiny and soft

make sure you are using the right hair care products for you. Condition your hair as often as possible because your hair needs moisture to remain shiny. Use heat protection products if you are used to styling your hair with heated styling utensils. Blow dry your hair on the cold settings to ensure that the hair doesn’t suffer any heat damage

How to Get Shiny Hair How to Get Shiny Hair

do not apply any alcohol based products on your hair because alcohol will only remove the natural oils from your tresses, oils which ensure the hairs don’t lose their moisture.

make sure you don’t clean your hair excessively, because you will cause your hair do dry

use a natural boar bristle brush to brush your hair because they are less harsh on your hair so there are less chances your hair will break during combing. Also the brush will help your hair look shinier and smoother

protect your hair from the damages external factors like cold, wind and sun rays can do

Shiny hair looks very sexy, so take care of your tresses. Your hair will help you radiate beauty.

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