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6 Beach-Body Weight Loss Tips

6 Beach-Body Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight quickly and efficiently may seem only a dream. However, diet experts provide you with 6 beach-body weight loss tips you can use to get slimmer for the bikini season. Feel confident and sexy in your skin by shedding a few extra pounds. Skip food deprivation and crash diets if you want to stay healthy while sculpting your silhouette.

1. Drink Your Juice Before Breakfast

One of the worst diet mistakes is to have your juice with your breakfast. Experts agree that it is a must to have your veggie or fruit juice 10-15 minutes before your breakfast. This is the secret to keep your metabolism on top speed and allow the proper digestion of your breakfast.

6 Beach-Body Weight Loss Tips

2. Apple and Nuts

Have a protein-rich snack every 3 hours to send the message to your organism that it’s fine to burn the already existing fat deposits instead of entering the starvation mode.

Team up apple or other fruits with nuts to make sure you tame your cravings with a healthy and filling snack.

3. No Carbs After 6pm

Skip the consumption of carbohydrate-rich meals after 6pm. Instead you can go for a protein-rich salad or raw veggies depending on your preferences.

Potatoes, cakes, white bread and chocolate can trigger cravings and the release of stress hormones which lead to weight gain.

4. Fruit Salads and Seeds

Never underestimate the magical effect of seeds on your organism. Lose weight by combining a delicious fruit salad with almonds, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Provide your organism with omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for a perfectly functioning metabolism.

5. Boiled Shrimps

Fried shrimps are packed with calories and can ruin your diet plan. Instead you can enjoy the ambrosial taste of healthy seafood if you choose boiled shrimp. Make small food swaps to be able to lose weight quickly and more efficiently.

6. Low-Calorie Sandwich Recipes

Enjoy your favorite sandwich recipes by making a few simple changes to the ingredient list. Grab a large pita and load it with turkey, veggies and mustard. Save up to 400 calories with this simple diet food recipe. Get used to the consumption of low-calorie meals to lose extra pounds fast.

6 Beach-Body Weight Loss Tips

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