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How to Highlight Cheekbones

How to Highlight Cheekbones

High cheekbones seem to embody what beauty really means. Besides being really hot these have an essential benefit for those who would like to lengthen and thin their faces.

Only with the help of a tiny bronzer and highlighters you’ll be able to pull off a dazzling high cheekbone appearance. All you need for the quick makeup is:

Bronzer that matches your skin tone, still a bit darker than the natural skin color. If you would like to stick to foundation you can also opt for it in 1-2 shades darker, for an emphasizing effect.

Blush powder or cream blush, doesn’t matter the point is to repeatedly match it to your natural skin color. Look for either rose, pinkish or peachy shades. It is vital that the blush blends into the overall makeup.

Highlighter – you’ll find highlighters both in powder and liquid form on the market. However if you find purchasing it a bit difficult, you might use a bright colored blush.

How to Highlight Cheekbones How to Highlight Cheekbones

The first move is to create the base for the further makeup. Apply the foundation and the concealer on the right spots. Then head to the next level and sculpt those cheekbones.

Step 1 Start with the darker foundation or the bronzer. Apply it to the hollows of the cheekbones and place it following an upward diagonal. Be careful this slight layer should not be eye-popping. The main aim is to blend it into the overall look. It should resemble a shadow rather than a defined line.

Step 2 Use the highlighter to emphasize the most prominent lines of your cheekbone. Again take care of the blending process, still we didn’t arrived at the peek of the makeup. This beauty tool will efficiently reflect the light, emphasizing your cheekbones. The prominent features will start to come to the surface.

Step 3 Finally top the look with the blush applying it on the apples of your cheek, sweeping it upward all throughout the upper section of the cheekbones. Keep the blush far from the eye area, to protect the sensitive skin. Concentrate on the higher portion of the cheek. The result will be a dashing look, the 3 killer combo makeup adds finesse to your features and creates the illusion of high cheekbone and weight loss even if you only fake it.

How to Highlight Cheekbones How to Highlight Cheekbones

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