How to Make a Dutch Braid

How to Make a Dutch Braid

How to Make a Simple Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid, also known as the inverted French braid and Dutch French braid, is a sexy hairstyle that can be worn at work, but also in more formal contexts, such as a cocktail parties.

In order to perform a Dutch braid, first you must comb your hair thoroughly, so that your strands are completely untangled. Then, grab a small section of hair, beginning from whichever part of your head you feel most comfortable with – for instance, if you are a beginner, you could choose the hair strands from the front part of your head, that are the easiest to Dutch braid.

At this point, you must divide the chosen hair section into three strands and perform one simple braid, by taking the left strand, then passing it under the middle strand and then the right strand, that should be crossed under the middle. 

How to Make a Dutch BraidHow to Make a Dutch Braid

Afterwards, choose a strand of hair from the left side of the head, put it next to the left hair strand, and then take both of them and cross them under the middle strand. Repeat the same process on the right side.

Return to the left side of the head and repeat the Dutch braiding until you reach the end of the hair strands. Secure your Dutch braid with an elastic band and you’re done!

How to Make a Dutch BraidHow to Make a Dutch Braid

How to Make a Side Dutch Braid

If you prefer your locks to be pulled tight into a perfect Dutch braid, then you may opt for the side Dutch braid! You should begin by combing your entire hair on one side of the head. At this point, you may choose to start right from the middle of the head, if you want a symmetrical hairstyle.

Continue your side Dutch braid respecting the steps above all the way down until you reach the point below the ear. Now it’s the time to incorporate the rest of your hair into the side Dutch braid: simply take the rest of your locks and start braiding them together with the Dutch braid you’ve performed so far. Take strands of hair both from the left side and the right side.

How to Make a Dutch BraidHow to Make a Dutch Braid

Finish the side Dutch braid by braiding your hair regularly. Secure your side Dutch braid with a clear elastic band.

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How to Make a Dutch Crown Braid

A Dutch crown braid is the more sophisticated, perfect-for-a-cocktail-party version of the simple Dutch braid. Since by now you have learned how to Dutch braid, simply part your hair into equal sections. Start braiding one section – either the right or the left one – by grabbing the hair above the ear and pulling it to the top.

How to Make a Dutch BraidHow to Make a Dutch Braid

Continue Dutch braiding your hair all the way to the middle of the head where you will have to switch hands and start braiding towards the top of the head, incorporating hair strands from the right side.

At the end, you should take the simple Dutch braid and transform it into a crown Dutch braid, by wrapping it around at the top of your head and then securing it with a pin. The result is a sexy Dutch braided hairstyle.

How to Make a Dutch BraidHow to Make a Dutch Braid

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