How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Volume is vital for a smashing hairstyle. Those who have fine baby-like hair might struggle with reviving their strands. However, there’s no need to say goodbye to Bouffant hairstyle when the hair styling gurus offer so many helpful tricks on how to fake thick hair. In order to achieve the desired effect, you’ll have to know your hair thoroughly. It is a misconception that you have less hair when it is thin, in fact you have the same amount of strands lacking fullness and thickness. The best way to make thin hair look thicker is to learn a few basic styling tips.

First of all it is not a novelty that a great hairstyle can change the appearance of the hair, whether it is thin or thick. Hair salons will furnish you with the best tricks to style your own hair. Hairstyles for fine hair include the bob, the layered and razor cuts. These hairdos are all meant to raise the tresses and create the illusion of volume and texture. Joggling with proportions is the most you can do with your hair. Adopt the latest trends and find the style that matches your hair texture and face shape.

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Volumizing Shampoos are available even in your local store. Producers offer formulas that can add fullness to fine hair. Indeed, these won’t have the ability to change the texture of your strands still will boost them visibly.

The repeated use of these products will bounce your follicles adding a vivid look to the hair. Volumizer shampoos should be embedded into your daily hair care kit as one of the key tools to earn the pleasure of a BIG hairstyle.

Blow drying has also a central role when it comes to adding thickness to thin hair. Moreover, you’ll be able to perfect your techniques with a few guidelines.

In order to create the boost of your hair apply a gel thickener if you manage to acquire it. Make sure your hair is still wet when you do this.

Furthermore, preferably use your fingers rather than a harsh brush in this phase. The trick of the ideal styling lies in the fact that you’ll dry the strands upside down. This way you brush them into the desired direction creating the volume right at the roots.

If you’re not really into a new haircut, you can also opt for a stylish permed hairstyle. Indeed, some might tell you it’s dangerous for the follicles, however there are several techniques that can add volume to the hair without causing any damages. Choose from the endless perming techniques as body wave or root perms, these will create the illusion of thicker and bouncing tresses.

Lowlights were meant to fulfill your dream of having a thicker hair texture. Sparse streaks of a lighter shade especially when created with the latest highlighting techniques will raise the strands and fake the appearance of strong and full hair texture. Feel free to experiment with the different tones, keep in mind only one condition: these should always match your natural hair color.

Don’t forget about the several cosmetic products the hair care industry offers you. Raid your store for thickening shampoos, serums and conditioners that will boost your confidence. This way you’ll be able to keep the precious length of your hair and will be able to sport super-sleek or even curly hairdos.

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