How to Plump Up Lips

How to Plump Up Lips

How To: Plump Up Lips

This is a biggie for girls with thin lips, but you can still get a plumper pair of kissies with some simple steps!

You will need:lip balm, lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss.

Start out by applying a lip balm. Then, if you want your lips to appear more pouty, use a lip liner the same color as your lips to accentuate your “cupid’s bow.”

Avoid taking the lip liner way into the corners or making a definite line.Smudge out the line afterwards for a more natural effect.

Blot on your lipstick with your finger, starting at the center and pushing outwards.

How to Plump Up Lips

Avoid making definite lines (like Miss Lohan, who also forgot to re-apply lipstick after eating it up)—this helps to make the lips look fuller and not drawn on.

Using a shade that has a slight iridescence and letting it creep up to the crest of the lip can give the illusion of a fuller mouth. But this requires a very light touch.

Another nice trick is to use a tinted lip balm or light gloss, just in the center of your lips.

How to Plump Up Lips

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