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How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

Before starting talking about makeup every woman should first know herself very well. This is an essential rule as makeup means enhancing your best features and hiding imperfections. So, the first step should be to make a personal analysis and find out what are your expectations, qualities and flaws. Therefore, set in front of the mirror and see what face shape you have, what are your most visible marks, and what do you want to accentuate and express through the makeup style you are going to wear. How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

Prepare your skin

Always before applying makeup you should prepare the skin properly. First, clean your face from all impurities and dirt by removing them with a special face cleansing lotion. As the skin has to face every day aggressive external factors, which leads to dead cell formation, you must remove them every time you apply makeup. If you are using a face wash, choose one that is appropriate for your skin type, and gently massage the skin avoiding the eye area. You can even use a toner. Then, apply a face cream taking into consideration your skin type, and allow 5 minutes for your skin to absorb it. Next, use an eye contour and a basis that protects the skin and helps fixing pigments for a long lasting makeup. Apply it by gentle moves from the center towards the exterior, and from the lower part of your face to the upper one. Make sure you don’t forget the neck.

Be careful to wash your hands and use an anti-bacterial gel before starting to apply makeup in order to avoid inflammations.

Makeup base

Highlighting plays a major role in preparing your skin for makeup as it reveals our skin in a natural light. Choose wisely your foundation according to the shade and undertones of your skin complexion. Apply it in a natural light, rather cold than warm, as this way you can better observe skin imperfections.

Use a brush if you want a light, natural finish and a sponge for a heavier coverage. You can mix a bit of foundation with your concealer and apply it on the skin.

As for the blush, choose one having a creamy texture rather than a powder one. A creamy blush blends better with your skin. Apply it using your fingers for a more natural look. End by fixing the foundation with a soft and translucent powder. You can use the back of your hand in order to try or mix different colors. How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

Eyes and lips

When it comes to eye makeup we usually use eyeshadow and mascara. However, we also tend to forget about plucking the eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows can add personality to any look. Your eyelashes are also very important and they need special attention. They play a double role of protecting your eyes and offering a sexy, seductive look. Nourish them using olive or castor oil.

As for the lips, you can exfoliate them so you remove dead cells, and apply a smooth lip balm in order to nourish and make them look fuller. For a flawless makeup you should exfoliate your lips weekly using exfoliating treatments specially created for your lips, or, if you are more into the natural products, you can prepare the lip exfoliating cream at home. You just have to mix sugar and honey and apply the mixture to the lips, rubbing gently, and finally remove with a washcloth. After the exfoliating process your lips are ready for makeup.


Make sure you choose the face cleaner taking into consideration your skin type. if you have an oily skin, choose gentle and oil-free cleansers, while for a dry skin, cleansers that moisturize the skin are the best choice, and cleaners that soothe and heal the skin for sensitive skin.

Face toners are also known as skin conditioners. They remove traces left by cleanser and support tighten pores. Lotions that have a high content of alcohol are perfect for oily skin, mild toner are for sensitive skin, while if you have dry skin it is not necessary to use face toners.

Makeup is easier to apply on a moisturize skin. Apply face cream on wet skin as the skin will absorb more cream. Try to use a face cream with sun protection factor.

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