How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

Lady Gaga has been making a stir when it comes to her fashion and hairstyles. Lady Gaga has always tried to be unique with her appearance and she certainly managed to do so. She is a true entertainer who loves to show off her great outrageous style.

Lady Gaga has managed to become a trendsetter among teenagers when it comes to hairstyles. Lady Gaga inspired bow hairstyles have taken the boring out of plain looking hairstyles. Bow hairstyles create a very interesting and cute look which suit straight hairstyles. Lady Gaga’s inspired bow hairstyles are best created on long straight hair because straight tresses enhance the hairstyle’s appearance.

The bow can be artificial or created out of natural hair. Lady Gaga has managed to transform this cute little girl inspired hairstyle into the hot surprising hairstyle from today. Because this hairstyle was surprisingly different, eye catching and cute, women have been keen on trying it themselves. This is why artificial hair bows have been created. These artificial hair bows can be easily applied using their own clip on your straight tresses and your look will be completed. These hair bows come in different hair colors so they can suit everyone.

How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

Creating a bow hairstyle out of own hair requires some skill and knowledge. You will need a straightening iron if your hair is not naturally straight, bobby pins, two hair elastics and a little bit of patience. The hair will have to be pulled up into a pony and secured with the elastic, leaving a little bundle of hair in the front of the first elastic to create the center of the bow. Another elastic will be placed a little bit further from the first and left a little bit loose. Part the hair between the two elastics until you reach the desired width of the bow.

Secure the hair where the second elastic is located with bobby pins close to the scalp. Part the remaining hair of the pony into two sections, roll them and tuck the rolled hair under the bow shaped hair. Secure the hair in place using bobby pins. Take the hair remained loose in the front and pull it over the center of the bow.

This will create a smooth surface in the center of the bow. Pin the hair close to the scalp, tuck the remaining ends under the bow and secure with bobby pins. If this method seems a little bit complicated, turn to a hairstylist or to your friends for help.

How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle How to Style Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

If you are all about style and Lady Gaga’s inspired bow hairstyle appeals to you, don’t hesitate to try it. It is a perfect hairstyle for casual wear, clubbing or different parties. Smile and your new bow hairstyle will make you look cute and stylish.

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