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How to Tease Your Hair

How to Tease Your Hair

Getting big hair with extra volume on your roots is something most women with straight or flat hair want. Teasing is the easiest way to achieve that effect for the hairstyle of your choice. Find out how to tease your hair, including the most important dos and don’ts and products that can make it much easier.

Most importantly, never tease your hair hair when it’s wet or tangled. Even using the most gentle hairstyling instruments, you risk tearing and even pulling your hair roughly.

How to Tease Your Hair The Right Way

After washing your hair and treating it with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, you need to blow dry it completely before starting to tease it at the roots. Blow drying your hair while keeping your head down can also help create extra volume and so does curling it gently.

How to Tease Your Hair

It’s best to start at the root with small sections of your hair working your way towards the ends. Focus on the crown area in rows to get the best results and leave the sides for last.

You should aim for more volume rather than less, since it’s a lot easier to tone it down than to go back for more teasing. When you’re done, smooth down the teased section by using your fingers to get a more natural look.

Common Hair Teasing Mistakes

Trying to tease too much hair at one time is the biggest mistake of beginners. If you decide to work with 1 inch wide sections, you’ll get the best results, but the process can be time consuming. Working in 2 inch sections does the job faster, but the bigger the sections get, the less volume you’re likely to get.

Brushing too hard is another big mistake you should avoid when learning how to tease your hair. Getting the extra volume is rarely worth the hair damage.

Teasing hair with too much product in it is another wrong move. You can use a little hairspray, but don’t overdo or load your hair with serums before teasing.

How to Tease Your HairHow to Tease Your Hair

Best Products for Hair Teasing

Using a regular hair brush can give you some volume, but when you go for the special tools, your chances of success increase a lot. Start out with a simple tool like the Revlon Moonlight Teasing Brush or the Spornette Big Wonder Teasing Brush if you want to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Increase your chances for the right volume with the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Teasing Dust. It boosts roots and adds roughed-up volume if you backcomb your hair right away.

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