Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top

Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top

It’s a well known fact that when it comes to women’s fashion this summer, all the famous designers encourage us to embrace our femininity with amazing creations that truly highlight our best features. The cuts and the colors are only part of the equation when comes to when trying to emphasize our most feminine features. The fabric plays an important role as well. This summer silk has made a huge comeback especially when it comes to tops.

The popularity of silk top trend should not be surprising at all. After all this fine material has many properties that make it perfect for summer attire. Silk is very versatile and comfortable, offers a certain degree of thermal protection being one of the strongest natural fibers, retains moisture and it easily maintains its form. It’s no wonder that silk is one of the favorite material of women everywhere.

Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top

Silk tops in particular can offer a great variety of options depending on your personal style. Depending on the design, a silk top can be match to create a formal as well as a casual look. Perfect for a day at the office or at school as well as for a date night silk tops are a necessary addition in any girl’s wardrobe this summer. Those who are eager to make a complete fashion statement can choose tops that have lace details or ruffles applications. Opt for rich, multidimensional colors for a seductive effect.

Printed silk tops are probably the most popular choice nowadays due to the amazing power they have to completely transform someone’s look in a matter of seconds, not to mention the fact that prints of all sorts have become a fashion staple that cannot be replaced this summer. The style of the prints is entirely up to you. If you are a hopeless romantic go for a big floral prints. If you would like to emphasize your wild side then animal prints and tribal prints are the way to go. If you are really courageous when it comes to making fashion choices, you might like the ideas of mixing prints that have different styles to create unusual edgy styles.

Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top Summer Must-Have: Trendy Silk Top

Silk is a relatively long lasting material it’s important to learn how to properly take are of silk garments to ensure that that we can enjoy the luxury that silk can provide for years to come. Although silk is a strong material some practices can really shorten the life span. First of all checking the label can offer valuable information about how the garment should be cleaned. Generally, especially in the case of pure silk most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning. However, unless the label says ‘Dry cleaning only’, hand washing is an equally good if not a better alternative. After all , this method was successfully used to preserve silk long before dry cleaning was invented.

For hand washing it’s important to use a detergent with a light formula designed specifically for delicate clothing items or to use baby shampoo. Avoid soaking silk and use either lukewarm water or cold water to wash silk. Also never try to use bleach on a silk garment as it will erode the natural fibers of the silk causing them to breakdown a lot faster. If you need whiten silk only use a solution made of water and hydrogen peroxide. Rinsing silk with a solution made of vinegar and water will help prevent the yellowing of the silk fibers. Machine washing is not recommended unless on the label it is specified that the item can be machine washed safely.

When it comes to drying, the garments should not be machine dried under any circumstances. Instead, the items should be placed on a towel to dry or hung to preserve its form. Silk items should be kept away form direct sunlight, which tends to weaken the fibers. When it comes to storing keeping silk in a cotton pillowcase or another material that is able to breath is your best bet for preserving your clothing in good shape. Avoid storing silk in humid places to prevent mildew form attacking the fibers.

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