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Kardashians Launch Tanning Line

Kardashians Launch Tanning Line

A new Kardashian tanning line is on its way! The klan’s beauty empire continues its expansion with new tanning line. Despite having their Khroma Beauty line pulled from stores not long ago, the infamous sisters are beginning a new project.

After eyewear, clothes, makeup, fragrance and pretty much every endorsement under the sun, the trio now aims to conquer a segment from the skin care with the Kardashian sunless tanning products. Yes, you can have the Kardashian kolor too, in case it was something you always craved. Though the sisters had their fair share of faux pas over the years they have quickly learned from them. The sisters mentioned some of the ways their beauty routine changed over the years to WWD.

Kim Kardashian began applying the less is more philosophy: “Years ago, more is more was my motto — like lots of lashes on top of a smoky eye. I love makeup, but I’ve found different ways of contouring and highlighting.”

Kourtney, on the other hand, learned to be more careful with her skin care regimen: “When I was younger, I’d always wash my face at night, but I wasn’t so passionate about my skin-care regimen. Now, I’m so OCD about it. I’m much more careful about going to bed with a clean face and putting my creams on.”

Kardashians Launch Tanning Line

Why this particular project? Once again, Kim explains: “I think tanning has really been a way of life for all of us, living in California.” However, the sunless tans available on the market didn’t do the trick for her: “Every time I put sunless tan before, it wouldn’t be even — so we wanted a system that was really easy but yet is a full system.”

Getting to the more technical aspects of the new line, Kourney highlighted the fact that the new Kardashian tanning products won’t be containing parabens or sulfates: “[We] came up with something that is still good for your skin and healthy for you; everything is paraben- and sulfate-free. We love beauty and fashion, but making sure we’re taking care of our bodies is crucial to us.”

It is also interesting to note that the sunless tanners from the Kardashians Sun Kissed line won’t be activated by UV rays and will darken the skin progressively. The new line features five products, each focusing on a particular part of the process.

For the preparatory steps, those who crave the sun kissed glow can use the Body Exfoliator or Color Maximizer, $12.99 each. Next, they can use either the Instant Sunless Lotion or Instant Sunless Spray, $19.99 each. To extend the glow and protect their tan fashionistas can opt for the Tan Extender with Bronzers. The tanning products comprised in the Kardashians Sun Kissed line are set to be launched this April at ULTA beauty stores.

Kardashians Launch Tanning Line

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