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Keep Hair Straight In Humidity

Keep Hair Straight In Humidity

There’s nothing more annoying when we struggled hours long to style our strands and we step out in the rainy weather and all goes up, in lovely curls! Indeed, apparently there are no remedies for the effect of humidity, still you can experiment with several tricks that might protect your polished hairstyle’s long-lasting effect. Curly hair is indeed extremely chic unless it is not the result of scrunching. Even the perfectly ironed and handled hair can become frizzy and a real disaster when getting into contact with this hair monster.

Besides the most efficient professional or natural hair straightening tips there are other tricks that wait for you to try them. Minimizing the unpleasant impact of humidity can be best done by choosing the perfect haircut, hair styling products and techniques that have the power to keep the harmful agents away from your follicles. Learn more about the professional tricks on how to keep hair straight in humidity. Keep Hair Straight In Humidity

Layer Power

Layered haircuts are specially designed to both jazz up a plain hairdo and also to help you in maintaining your strands super-sleek during humid weather. As hair stylists claim it is essential to banish the flat look of your tresses with a blunt cut.

The uneven levels will efficiently keep the flexibility and polished shape of your hair. The chances that your hair stays sleek in rainy weather increase according to the number of layers.

Undoubtedly limp hair might be more prone to become frizzy and wavy than a stylish layered haircut.This hairstyle is highly recommended to those who struggle with extremely fine hair that can lose its shape immediately after getting in contact with humidity.

Hairspray Trick

Hairsprays will be your best allies when it comes to humid weather. Indeed, it is a must have accessory of the hairdo especially when your are looking for the long-lasting refined effect. There’s only one ritual you should include in your hair styling routine to keep your strands sleek.

First of all, separate the strands into four sections. This will guarantee that you’ll proceed properly. Then, apply a rich amount of mousse on the tresses for the vital hold. Now, use a flat iron to straighten your hair, go on with the next sections when you completely finished one.

After the hair is perfectly ironed, fix the flying strands with hairspray. Make sure you use the necessary amount for the stunning effect. Then again blow dry your hair until you’ve eliminated the humid effect of the hairspray, as a golden rule downwards. Finally spray again but use only a little amount of the styling products and slide your fingers through the strands to detangle the hair.

Anti-Frizz Hair Gel or Serum

It was proved that gels can do our hair a great favor when it comes to creating a defensive shield from humidity. This product has the ability to weigh down the strands which is just perfect in this case. The hair styling industry came up with a large selection of anti-frizz products, one of them is the anti-frizz gel which can be purchased in every store and should become the must have item of our hair care kit during the humid season.

It is important however not to exaggerate with the use of this product. There’s no need to literally sleek the hair with this tool. Instead apply it on wet hair and the hair follicles will absorb the necessary nutrients that will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy. Blow dry the tresses and make sure that they are completely dry when you stepped out from the house. Choose the best type of gel designed for your hair texture.

Keep Hair Straight In Humidity

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