Kim Kardashian Hair and Makeup – Get Her New Look

Kim Kardashian Hair and Makeup – Get Her New Look

Kim Kardashian Hair and Makeup – Get Her New Look

Kim Kardashian, the American Hollywood celebutant has been in the spotlight for many years now due to her beautiful facial features, gorgeous figure and fashion style. Kim has always posed a lot of interest because of her beauty and style, becoming an inspiration when it comes to fashion, makeup and hairstyles for many young women.

Kim’s incredible look is due to her natural beauty and enhanced with the help of makeup. The makeup Kim is usually wearing is in the latest makeup trends and is usually concentrated to bring out her best facial features: her eyes and her lips. The shades used to enhance her beautiful eyes are darker tones like browns, grays, violet, shades which are meant to bring out the gorgeous coloration of her iris.

Celebrities usually make changes in their appearance very often, going from long to short hair and back, from one hair color to another, in no time.

Kim Kardashian has changed her hair color just a little while ago, going from her usual dark colored tresses to a glossy blonde. The change was very remarkable and Kim Kardashian’s new blonde hair color looked great, but it seems that she realized that she misses her dark tresses and decided to go back to her black hairstyle.

Dark hair color helps enhance her gorgeous eye color and makeup, so it is the best hair color she could choose.

Kim Kardashian Hair and Makeup – Get Her New Lookgetty imagesKim Kardashian Hair and Makeup – Get Her New Lookgetty images

Kim Kardashian appeared at the “Whiteout” movie premiere looking stunning. She opted for a beautiful pin-up inspired hairstyle featuring a neatly styled side roll which helped attract attention to her gorgeous make-up.

To get Kim Kardashian’s vintage makeup look you need to:

start with a freshly clean complexion and apply a make-up base to ensure a better setting of the make-up. Apply a concealer if you have blemishes or dark under eye circles

, choose an illuminating foundation to ensure you receive a glowing complexion. Do not set the foundation with powder because the powder will give a matte finish, apply a little bit of blush to define your cheekbones. Choose a color which suits your complexion best

as far as the eye make-up goes, it is a simple make-up, simply because the lips are meant to attract all the attention. Use only an eye pencil, black or brown colored to define your eyes. Contour your eyes thinly using the eyeliner, according to your eye shape. Use a lash curler to curl your eyelashes and define them using a black mascara

take a lip colored lip liner and contour the shape of your lips to create a plumping or a diminishing effect. Apply a fire red lipstick on your lips and you will look incredible

Kim Kardashian’s look is very classic and timeless, a very feminine make-up suitable for formal occasions. This makeup can offer advantages for women with a tanned complexion as well as fair skin.

So if you love classic makeup and love to be stylish, Kim Kardashian’s makeup can definitely help you achieve what you desire.

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