Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles

Lindsay’s Loose BunThe top and side sections have been gently pinned back into a low bun and soft tresses have been left out around the face to enhance the facial features. This style will work perfect on medium to fine hair types!

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Step 1: While hair is still wet, spritz in a leave-in conditioner.

Step 2: Create a side part for a sleek look and pull hair back into a ponytail at the nape.

Step 4: Create a bun and secure it with pins.

Lindsay Lohan’s Big CurlsLindsay’s hair was full of life and energy at the 2020 US Hot Hollywood Party and looked fantastic! Her gorgeous long locks were styled very sexy and lots of curls were added to her ends to create lots of weight and texture. This hairstyle is perfect for maximizing body on curly hair for a fabulous night out!

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles

Get the look!Step 1: Define curls with a curling iron, focusing on the bottom.

Step 2: Flip your head over and shake out your curls. Think big hair.

Step 3: Use a fork comb to open up curls.Smooth out flyaways with a few drops of hair serum.

Rub the serum into your fingertips and run your hands through your hair.

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