Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

The importance of makeup brushes in makeup design is well known, as they can ensure a perfect strategical application with virtually no effort. It is absolutely amazing how a simple set of tools can help you achieve the look you have always desired. Using specific makeup brushes is a must when doing your makeup as they are each specially designed to enhance your best facial features. It’s not a surprise that makeup artists use these brushes as they need to create amazing and flawless looking makeup styles for celebrities and not only. There are a variety of make-up brushes you will need and each is designed for a certain purpose. The brushes can be created out of natural animal hairs or synthetic, depending on brand. Here are the makeup brushes you will need. Makeup Brushes

Face brushes They are brushes destined to apply foundation, concealer, powder and blush. There will be an individual brush for each makeup product applied on the face.

Foundation brushes are brushes which have a thick, rounded appearance. They help apply the foundation uniformly offering full coverage and an even looking complexion. Foundation brushes can come in different sizes to suit all preferences. The hairs of the foundation brush can easily be cleaned with a special brush cleaning solution

Concealer brushes are smaller than foundation brushes just because they need to apply the concealer on a small area. They help give a perfect application of the concealer covering up any dark spots

Powder blushes have long bristles and they have a rounded appearance. The brushes can have a compact or long end, depending on personal preference

Blush brushes are smaller than powder brushes as they are mean to apply the blush on a specific relatively small area. The blush brushes can also be slightly angled for a more precises application

Highlighting brushes are fan shaped, long bristled brushes meant to help highlight certain areas of the face using a highlighter

Eye brushes The most diverse makeup brushes are the brushes destined for eye makeup because there are a variety of makeup styles to choose from, and each makeup style has it’s own characteristics.

Eye defining brushes are angles brushes with small bristles. The brushes are meant to aid lining the eyes, defining and filling the eyebrows and to completely fill the eyelids

Eyeshadow brush are meant to apply evenly the eyeshadow on the eyelid. The brushes have medium size bristles which will not make the ends hard neither too soft, it is just perfect for eyeshadow application. This is a makeup brush which will be used very often if you love makeup

Blending brushes are very useful when using multiple eyeshadow colors for your makeup. These brushes have a softer end than the eyeshadow brushes to allow the eyeshadow’s to blend together

Crease brushes are precise brushes with long and fluffy bristles which allows a perfect application along the crease of the eye. These brushes are meant to add depth to the makeup

Smudge brushes are brushes perfect for creating smokey eye makeup. This brush features soft bristles perfect for smudging your makeup

Makeup Brushes

Lips The lips are very important in makeup this is why lip brushes have been developed. Lipstick can now easily be applied using a lip brush.

Lip brushes are tiny brushes which allow the lipstick to be perfectly applied around the entire lip area. The brush features a firm and thin end meant to give more control over the application

It’s true that there are a variety of brushes you will need to purchase but you can start gradually until you complete your set. You will be able to use your makeup brushes for many years, thus it will be a good investment as you will not only look fabulous every time, you will be able to benefit from your brushes for long periods of time.

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