What to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding

Usually, there are three main important dress codes you need to follow when choosing the appropriate outfit for a wedding. If you got an invitation saying “black tie” and you have a total blank in your head, don’t worry. In this case, the dress should be long or very long, and worn with high-heeled sandals. Avoid shoes and tights!

Even though black is the safest color, you can also go for more vivid colors especially during the hot summer days. A “cocktail” outfit means something less formal that you must choose based on the location of the wedding.

A cocktail length-knee dress made from a special fabric such as silk or velvet is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are invited to a wedding on the beach, a casual outfit works perfect. Of course, casual means a feminine, breezy dress with floral prints or in a plain color, worn with flats or flat sandals. In this case, you can tuck a flower behind your ear and give up to all fancy jewelry.

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Say “no” to white Don’t wear a white dress as this is the bride’s privilege. Choose pastels or warm colors, bronze, or chocolate, which are the best colors for a wedding outfit. As for the fabrics, silk, organza, taffeta and chiffon are the most precious ones. A beautiful fabric can always do the trick and say more than any embellished dress.

Dress to respect and not to impress Choosing the right outfit for a wedding means first of all showing respect towards the married couple and the other guests. Keep it rather classic and avoid revealing too much skin.

Shoes The first thing you need to consider when deciding upon the right shoes is that they offer you the maximum comfort. Therefore, choose reasonable high heels that can give you an elegant look.

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For a romantic and feminine look, summer breezy dresses are the best option. Choose one made from chiffon, silk or lace, with or without floral prints. If you are more into the retro look, a pleated dress, sandals and a clutch can be a very chic choice. For a more glamorous look, match a flared dress ending above the knee, with a belt at the waist and a V-neckline, a small handbag and satin peep toe shoes. A flared LBD, a pair of elegant high-heeled sandals and a clutch can be the perfect match.

A wedding on the beach is maybe the most beautiful way to say “I do”. This context allows you to choose more comfortable outfits. You can go for dresses with floral prints made from precious fabrics, or elegant and simple ones in neutral shades. Add a clutch and sandals and you are ready to celebrate.

What to Wear to a Wedding What to Wear to a Wedding

When choosing the dress to wear for a wedding make sure it is not just elegant, but also comfortable. Also, it should flatter your body shape and match your hair color and skin complexion. The biggest mistake we often make is trying to fit in a too small dress or in a shape that doesn’t really flatter our silhouette. Therefore, if you have big hips, avoid flared dresses and choose fluid fabrics. If you are petite, short dresses and high heels can create the illusion of a longer figure. Moreover, a plain color can elongate your silhouette.

If the invitation doesn’t say the formality of the event, you should pay a lot of attention and choose wisely what to wear. In this case, a dress in neutral colors or with floral prints is perfect for a day wedding, while the famous LBD can save you for an evening wedding.

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