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Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Each and every eye shape is beautiful in its own way, but if the shape gets a strong emphasis on your face you can always apply some great eye makeup tricks. However, a wrong eye makeup that accentuates those spots that are already emphatic can make your face look disproportionate. But if you know these small but really important tricks, you can create gorgeous eyes that accentuate your features and highlight your natural beauty.

When we are talking about wide set eyes, this means that the eyes are placed further apart in your face. You can easily recognize wide set eyes by looking at the space between your eyes. If the distance between the inside corner of your eyes is bigger than the length of one eye, you certainly belong to this category. Luckily, if you learn how to master the art of eye shadow application, you can optically minimize the distance between your eyes, turning them into your assets. 

One simple thing, such as the placement of color can create a proportionate look and a stunning effect. Check out the following step-by-step guide and learn how to create a successful eye makeup for wide set eyes in order to bring them closer and give them maximum definition!

Makeup is a wonderful tool to visually reduce the space between your eyes and enhance their beauty. After you have applied and under eye concealer and a touch of translucent powder on the area around your eyes you can start to apply the eye color as well. As a first step, begin with applying a dark toned eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and working it a little upwards towards the temple. Opt for a darker color that works well with your eye color, a shade that you feel confident wearing.

Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Continue with using a lighter eye shadow on the central and outer part of your eyes, which means approximately two-thirds of the eyelid. Apply the lighter color from the base of your lashes proceeding towards the brow bone. If you want to accentuate to your eyes a little more, apply a highlight eye shadow color on the central part of you upper eyelid and then use a medium shade in the outer corners, up to the brow bone and slanting inwards.

Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Use an eyeliner pencil to give maximum definition for your eyes and give them a deeper, sensual look. Draw a very thin line from the inner corners of your eyes proceeding outwards and staying as close to the base of the lashes as possible. You can use eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids or on the upper lids alone. Make sure that you focus more on the inner corners, creating the illusion of bringing the eyes closer to each other.

Apply black mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes as well, combing them upwards, rather than outwards. This way you can optically narrow the space between your eyes look, making them look more proportionate and well defined.

As a finishing touch, pencil your brows a little bit closer to your nose. Make sure that you don’t extend them out at the ends, since it only elongates your eyes, creating an even wider space between them. Now you are ready with a gorgeous eye makeup that will definitely draw attention to your wonderful eyes.

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