NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

NARS offers the fans of a wider color palette to experiment with the bright as well as natural looking makeup designs. The NARS Holiday 2020 makeup collection makes no exception when it comes of sensual hues and skin-stroking textures. Those who followed the evolution of the brand know that Francoise Nars succeeds in envisioning unique and all even appropriate products that appeal to both muted and pastel as well as more eye-popping and vibrating shades.

As we could get used to the creative color selection it is not surprising that the main emphasis is placed on the magical eye makeup with an additional trio eye shadow which is indeed the jewelry piece of the holiday collection.In order to honor the special events and moments with a spotless and more charming look it is highly recommended to compete our beauty kit with some of the fabulous designs presented below.

Okinawa Trio Eyeshadow

One of the revolutionary color palettes as the first NARS eyeshadow trio in the history of the brand. The fabulous effect is created with the harmony of the three shades as silver, deep cobalt blue and onyx. The palette is indeed perfect to create a chic smokey eye makeup as well as more natural and classy styles.

Melusine Eyeshadow

Getting back to basics the creators of the Holiday collection envisioned the perfect duo of pale silver lilac as well as bright deep purples. The name is also revealing as melusines were considered women who had an independent and deliberate personality. Choose this palette if you are eager to perk up your look both on the boring weekdays as well as when preparing for a special date.

NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionOkinawa Trio EyeshadowNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionMelusine Duo EyeshadowNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionEtrusque Single EyeshadowNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionSex Appeal Blush

Etrusque Single Eyeshadow

The symbolic name refers to the Etruscan cultural heritage which offered a prominent importance to bronze art and the golden tones. This eye shadow is one of the glittery glam offers of NARS for 2020. Enhance your lids with a tint of old time glamor and use this eyeshadow either in a dry or wet texture.

Sex Appeal Blush

Bring out those cheekbones with this peachy colored blush which would definitely make a difference both when it comes of texture and also color. Fake the spotless complexion and healthy look by applying this hue on your cheekbones in order to crown your fab casual chic or formal makeup.

NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionLittle Darling LipstickNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionPetite Monstre Lipstick

Little Darling Lipstick

The nude beige shade would definitely bring out those kissable lips. Pair this stylish shade to all makeup designs especially if you would like to create the impression of perfectly conditioned and polished lips. Play up your girly allure with a similar lipstick that pampers your lips with a revolutionary formula.

Petite Monstre Lipstick

As translated into English the little monster is the perfect option if you wish to shift the attention to your full lips. Appeal to this luscious berry hue to top your look with a fabulous lip makeup. Combine it with lip gloss for a luxe texture or just keep things simple with a simple layer of this fab lipstick.

NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionDowntown Lip GlossNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionBougainville Lip Gloss

Downtown Lip Gloss

Incandescence is the name of the game when you wish to make a charming impression. This metallic-pink lavender in its vibrating tone serves as the best accessory for a polished finish for your lip makeup.

Bougainville Lip Gloss

If you crave for some drama go for this pomegranate lip gloss that breathes life into your plain lips and makes them sensual. The profound hue when applied would have a sheer and dainty effect.

NARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionBad Influence Nail PolishNARS Holiday 2020 Makeup CollectionPokerface Nail Polish

Bad Influence Nail Polish

Smokey taupe is the best alternative to dress up your nails with a romantic and versatile hue. This is indeed the perfect option to complete your school or office chic apparel. The season encourages you to wear similar earth tones therefore have it in your manicure kit for 2020.

Pokerface Nail Polish

Lilac is one of the must have shades of 2020, therefore why not adopt it also when it comes of your manicure. Make a voguish impression with this nail polish color and apply it to your perfectly polished nails.

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