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Oily Skin Care in Summer

Oily Skin Care in Summer

Use a few excellent tips on how to take care of oily skin during summer. Control shine and protect your oily skin throughout the hot, sunny summer months.

Oily Skin Care in Summer: Don’t Overdo It

Even though hot temperatures make you feel sweaty and can make your face super greasy, it’s not recommended that you wash your face more than twice a day with a foaming deep cleanse face wash, like the excellent one from Aromatherapy Associates Essential Skincare.

Oily skin care in summer should include a cleanser with salicylic acid, such as DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser before going to sleep: by removing all the dirt and extra oil from your skin, it unclogs pores preventing inflammatory red and dark spots from forming.

Oily Skin Care in SummerOily Skin Care in Summer

Summer Tips for Oily Skin: A Bit of Extra Care

Be your own specialist on how to take care of oily skin in summer: after you’ve gently washed your face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial oil free cleanser, apply a natural clay-based oil-control mask from Clinique Acne Solutions, but no more than once a week and always following with an oil-free moisturizer, like Philosophy Hope In A Jar. If your skin still feels greasy, you can always take Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit oil-free cleansing wipes wherever you go!

Oily Skin Care in SummerOily Skin Care in Summer

Oily Skin Care in Summer: Stay Away from the Sun

Sunrays and heat can cause your oil glands to have a high oil secretion on your face and body, making your skin even more oily and shiny, hence the sensation of sweatiness. Apply a generous amount of Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30: its formula will absorb the extra oil and matt out the greasy appearance of your skin, while the broad spectrum SPF protection will act against damaging sunrays.

Summer Tips for Oily Skin: No Makeup is the Best Makeup

Or at least we think so! Make it a habit of your oily skin care this summer to apply very little makeup: foundations, powders, blushes all manage to clog your pores, making them produce more oil. Go for an oil-free tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier instead: it offers SPF 20 protection, it’s long lasting and creates a natural, gorgeous-looking skin!

Oily Skin Care in SummerOily Skin Care in Summer

Oily Skin Care in Summer Home Remedies

If you don’t want to waste too much money on oily skin care products, make your own masks and scrubs at home. Create a mask with mashed papaya pulp and zest from a lime or a lemon, mix well and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash with cold water. This home remedy for oily skin is the most natural way to control the oil production of your sebaceous glands.

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