Les Classiques de Mily Eyeliner Review

Les Classiques de Mily Eyeliner Review

We’ve declared ourselves addicted to makeup and obviously when we’ve stumbled upon the instant makeup products by Mily Makeup we couldn’t abstain ourselves from sharing the news. We’ve presented the exciting beauty find, ‘Les Classiques de Mily’ eyeliners or eye flashes a while ago and now that we’ve got our hands on the products, we’ve decided to test them out and tell you what we think of the products.

Time, specifically lack of time seems to be the problem that affects most of us, so whenever a makeup product that aims to minimize the application time and deliver fabulous results hits the market, we’re happy to give it a try and see if it meets its goal. This is exactly the category in which Les Classiques de Mily eye liners fall in, so we’ve tested each product to see how they handle and we’re overall pleased with the results.

The brand offers four different product sheets, two simple and classic eyeliner styles with one in classic black hue and the other in cool modern colors, and two glam, edgy eye flashes that are bound to make traffic stop and that have a more theatrical approach to beauty, making them suitable for special occasions.

Each sheet that we received features multiple instant eyeliner pairs; the simple liner sheets display 12 pairs of different style liner stickers, the mini eye flashes feature 10 pairs of glamor style makeup and a cute heart shape sticker you can apply close to your temple for a flirty-fun look, while the mily eye flashes feature 4 pairs of glam liners that will make heads turn.

Les Classiques de Mily Eyeliner Review Les Classiques de Mily Eyeliner Review

The liner handles itself perfectly post application, although it might take a bit of an adjustment period to get used to the sensation of having something ‘glued’ on the eyelid. The application process is in between easy and difficult. Applying the liners symmetrically on both eyelids can be a bit tricky, but it’s also a detail that can be easily solved with a bit of practice. What we found fabulous about the product is that the instant eye liners stay on fabulously from day to evening and that they can be reused. It’s as easy as that! Stick on & peel off once you’re ready for bed.

The black colored eyeliners look amazing, perfectly symmetric (perfection is hard to obtain using liquid eyeliner) and create a natural look with similar results as a look created using regular liquid eyeliner. However, when it comes to Les Classiques de Mily colored eye liner, the situation changes a bit as some of the colors appear very natural, liquid-eyeliner-like, while others do reveal their sticker-like texture, but the result is chic especially considering that most of the colors are made to deliver a visual impact.

Les Classiques de Mily Eyeliner Review

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