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One Minute Skin Care Tips

One Minute Skin Care Tips

With the beauty industry getting an impressive growth regardless of general market conditions, the idea that we need a multitude of products and complex, time-consuming steps to look our best has begun to be well ingrained into our minds. However, having good results can take less than it might seem. A few one minute solutions can have a significant impact on the way we look and some of the following tips are a great place to start.

Pick multi-taskers Having a complex skin care routine that involves multiple steps can greatly undermine your determination to follow through on it. That’s why choosing a good multi-tasking product can prove to be such an effective strategy in helping you take care of your skin quicker, better and easier. The easier it is to make routines more efficient, the more you will be likely to follow them through every single time.

One Minute Skin Care Tips

Substitute products It can be easy to rationalize skipping a vital beauty care step if you don’t have the product necessary at hand. However, as eco-friendly, frugal beauty queens have proved over and over, using beauty products you already have or quickly improvising a recipe for the purpose deliver similar or even superior results. Sugar and olive oil as face scrub, baby oil as makeup remover or vaseline as a moisturizer are a few examples that can be implemented quickly at any given time.

Wait a little While it’s tempting to rush through your normal routine, sometimes it’s better to wait a while to make sure you’re getting good results. This is the case when applying moisturizer in thick layers. To ensure proper absorption, it is best to wait for 10 minutes before applying a layer of makeup.

Try numbing gels Not all beauty tasks are pleasant and relaxing or even kind to your skin. For the tasks where pain is a necessary evil, numbing gels available over the counter can be a true lifesaver. Apply these gels according to directions and make sure to wait at least 20 seconds for it to get absorbed.

Focus where it matters Like in any area, sometimes the Pareto principle is true for beauty as well. One such example refers to having perfectly groomed eyebrows. This step can make your eyes look bigger without the use of white eyeliners, they create a polished imagine instantly and even eliminate the need for heavily structured makeup styles allowing your skin to breathe better.

One Minute Skin Care Tips

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