Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

Get your glam on with this party makeup for brown eyes! Follow this step by step makeup tutorial to bring out your brown colored eyes!

Having brown eyes allows you to play with a big variety of eye makeup colors. Create this vibrant eye makeup with glamorous gold and purple tones to bring out the warmth of brown eyes. Wear this party makeup to the prom, a nigh-out and the club or whenever you feel like glamming up.

Brown Eye Party Makeup: Flawless Skin

Start by creating a flawless canvas and work an illuminating face primer into the skin. If your skin is oily, use a primer with a mattifying effect. Apply foundation using a synthetic brush that will buff and blend the product into the skin for a natural effect. A synthetic brush picks up just the right amount of foundation allowing you to layer it for more coverage. Use a small stiff brush to apply concealer on imperfections then blend it into foundation with your fingers. Then set the base with finishing powder to keep skin fresh and shine free all night long. 

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes: Steps

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

Apply an eyeshadow primer to increase color payoff and make your makeup last longer. Add a loose golden eyeshadow on the entire mobile lid using a firm brush and press gently to deposit the pigment. Apply a purple eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyes with a small brush to have greater precision when creating a strong V shape. Gold and purple are two of the best eyeshadows for brown eyes and will look amazing on both blondes and brunettes.

Switch to a soft blending brush and nude eyeshadow to blend the colors and make sure there are no harsh edges. Use an angled brush with the purple eyeshadow to define the outer corner of the eyes. If it’s difficult for you to get the effect using the brush, you can get similar results with the eyeshadow tape trick. 

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

Add depth to the eyes and thicken the eyelashes by applying a matte black eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyes. Blend it in an upward motion for an eye lifting effect. Define the lower lash line with the same black eyeshadow going half way in, then continue with the purple eyeshadow towards the inner corner of the eyes.

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

Add a golden eyeshadow to the inner corners to brighten up the eyes, then follow with a soft white color to bring them out even more. Skip this step if you’ve got wide set eyes, as this will only make them look farther apart. Use the same white eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone applying it under the eyebrow along the arch. Add a touch of soft shimmer under the eyebrows for a glamorous party look.

Define the waterline with a soft black eye pencil then trace the upper lash line using a liquid liner and extend it into a flick. Finish off the eye makeup by curling lashes, your favorite mascara, and shape eyebrows with an ashy brown color if needed. 

Brown Eyes Party Makeup: Cheeks and Lips

Use a matte bronzer or powder to contour nose, cheeks and forehead for a narrowing effect. Add color to the cheeks with a pink blush followed by an illuminating powder for highlight.

Balance out the strong eye makeup with soft lips and finish off your party look with a nude pink lipstick and a drop of lip gloss.

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – VideoYour party makeup for brown eyes is finished. Make sure you take your time to layer and blend the colors really well to make it last all night long without too many touch-ups.

Party Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorial – Video

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