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Party Makeup Ideas – Rainbow Eyes

Party Makeup Ideas – Rainbow Eyes

This particular make-up is very bright, colorful and fun. It’s a great party makeup or to wear when you feel like playing with colors.

Make sure you have the right eye shadows: hot pink, sweet pink, orange, yellow, green, electric blue and beige. It works better if the colors are shimmery.

First apply a good primer to your eye lid.

Using a make-up brush apply the hot pink eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye in a straight vertical line. Make sure you put a lot of color on the brush to make the color vibrant.

Party Makeup Ideas – Rainbow Eyes

To make sure the eyeshadow is blended properly brush upwards as well as sideways.

Apply the orange, yellow and green eyeshadow in the same way as the hot pink.

Blend the margins of the eye shadows together so the transition from one color to another is smooth.

Take white creamy eye pencil and make a line just beneath your lower eyelashes starting from the outer corner towards the inner corner.

Apply the blue eye shadow until the middle of your lower lid over the white eye eyeliner using a smaller brush.

Using the smaller brush put the sweet pink on to the other half of your lower eyelid and blend it with the blue to get a nice and smooth transition.

Using a blending brush blend all the colors above your crease.

Take the beige and apply it right under your brow bone.

Using a black eye pencil line the lower waterline and the top lash line.

Apply plenty of mascara and you are all set.

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