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Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

If you love short hairstyles, it’s more than likely that you have given pixie hairstyles a thought. The secret to success, as with any hairstyle, is choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape. If those blessed with oval faces can pretty much experiment with a multitude of styles, finding a good pixie haircut for round face is a bit more challenging. This is because short hairstyles make it harder to give the illusion of length and give the impression of a more oval shape, which is considered by stylists to be ideal.

Still, though this style is a bit challenging, it doesn’t mean that brave souls with an eye for daring haircuts should abandon the idea. Still, when beginning to select between the multitude of pixie haircuts for round faces, you should keep some helpful guidelines into account. First, since lengthening the face is the desired effect for maximum impact, you should definitely turn your attention towards a pixie cut that still has some volume in the crown. Playing with height and volume is the easiest way to create the said illusion.

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A secondary factor you should be aware of is your hair texture. Those with fine hair will have a much easier time maintaining this style. If your hair texture is mostly on the thick side, more commitment will be required to maintain a pixie cut for round faces. Be sure to keep this aspect in mind before proceeding to chop off your beloved tresses, to minimize or completely eliminate the chances of regret. If these basic guidelines have been considered, selecting the desired style along with adapting it to your preferences is the next logical step.

Take into account age, habits, personality and lifestyle constraints before making a final decision. Going for a multi tonal pixie is a great way to make a strong style statement but it only proves the best decision if you don’t have a job where the style guidelines are conservative and if you are willing to accept the commitment of frequent touch-ups. Shaved hairstyles pose similar constraints.

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A touch of asymmetry, a bold tone or a few choppy layers are more versatile options you can consider adopting depending on your style personality, age and other factors. Consider the styling possibilities before committing to a certain look to be able to enjoy your new short crop for months to come or even more. Taking the time to make the right decision as far as short pixie haircuts for round faces are concerned will be definitely properly rewarded.

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