Popular Herbs to Boost Hair Growth

Popular Herbs to Boost Hair Growth

It was demonstrated several times that the condition of our hair and scalp is closely related to nutrition. Indeed, the consumption of healthy and nutritive ingredients might do a huge favor to our organism and body in general.

Moreover, the following herbs will not only boost the hair growth but will also maintain the strands healthy and glowing. A healthy diet can radically change our body, including hair. There’s no need to pile up pills and other charming lotions to have the desired effect.

You couldn’t go more green than adopting an eco-friendly conditioning and treatment to your tired and often lifeless tresses. Learn more about the magical effect of the following herbs to reveal the secret of hair growth.

Popular Herbs to Boost Hair Growth

Green Tea

The extracts of green tea either used for inner or outer treatments can efficiently prevent hair loss. Both in the case of men and women, the cosmeticians reveal new and miraculous results. Due to its anti-oxidant and detoxifying quality, green tea can enhance the growth of healthier hair.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is the perfect agent to improve the blood circulation in our scalp. The follicles will get a virtual massage which will result in a quicker and healthier hair growth. Often consumed in the form of pills, this herbal treatment is one of the most sought-after and renown method to regenerate the damaged strands.


This ingredient is used in Asia from the ancient times. As the no.1 element of the most popular hair care products it can boost our blood circulation and cell production. Eliminating the different toxins from our organism is the first move towards healthy hair. The ginseng will strengthen and nourish the scalp keeping it moisturized and in good shape. Look for shampoos that further increase the hair growth.

Apple Skin

Believe it or not, only munching some apple or only the skin, you can contribute to the faster growth of your strands. It was proved that the polyphenols from this fruit have endless beneficial effects. Tested both for hair growth and against hair loss, it showed stunning results. The market offers several pills and lotions that contain these ingredients which can lead to the strengthening of the nails, hair and even the moisturizing of the skin.


Due to the high content of silica, a nutrient form this herb, it is held that horsetail can fasten the growth of strands. Moreover, specialists discovered that it can be further used when treating damaged nails and skin. Whether you make a tea of it or consume it in the form of pills, the point is to provide your organism with the necessary amount to keep your hair strong and moisturized.

Applied either in solid or liquid form, these herbs will banish all your concerns about hair growth. The beauty industry uses them often in liquid forms rather than oil. These are then applied to the scalp and the strands to achieve the desired effect.