Pro Makeup Tips from Carmindy

Pro Makeup Tips from Carmindy

Carmindy is one of the most beloved MUAs in Hollywood and the world of fashion. She worked with top models like Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum to turn them into real beauty icons. ‘What Not To Wear’ is the hip show which offers us the chance to see Carmindy in action.

Budding beauticians will be simply glad to read through a few of this MUA’s favorite tricks on how to build up a gorgeous look. The pro makeup tips from Carmindy below teach you how to use only high street products and tools to play up your unique and flattering features.

Foundation Tip

Those who are eager to learn the newest makeup application techniques should definitely keep in mind the useful trick Carmindy offers on how to nail down a radiant complexion. In order to create the perfect canvas for the spreading of the foundation, it is a must to apply a luminizing face primer all over your face. Then, use a creamy or liquid textured product for a uniform application. Tackle delicate spots like the eyelids, the neck and the hairline for a fabulous coverage.

Pro Makeup Tips from Carmindy

Highlighter and Face Powder Tip

Carmindy claims that a bronze, pale pink or pale gold shade will be simply perfect to highlight your cheekbones. Place this formula on the apple of your cheeks and around the eyes. The result will be simply mesmerizing.

The secret to finish up creating the perfect makeup base is to use a translucent powder on the T-zone and the lids and leave the cheeks dewy. Use an eye shadow brush to complete this beauty phase.

Cream Blush Tip

Carmindy is fond of cream blush as it adds a natural-looking and ultra-healthy effect to your complexion. Use a makeup sponge to apply the formula on the apple of your cheeks.

Use circular motions to blend the lovely shade. In order to guarantee the long-lasting effect of your blush apply a thin layer of translucent powder on this spot.

Bright Eyes Tip

The highly acclaimed MUA furnishes us with her secret of creating an alluring glimpse. First, it is wise to use a highlighter and a brighter shade right in the tear duct area and under the eyebrows. Look for eye shadows with a shimmery effect if you want to stand out from the crowd. Older ladies should stick to matte shades. Experiment with these on-trend highlighter shades: gold, light pink, ivory, champagne and vanilla.

Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Tip

If you want to nail down a party-perfect glam makeup look, all you have to do is use a pencil or liquid eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes. Carmindy’s tip is to draw the line as close as possible to the lash line. The key to rise above the crowd is to play with contrastive shades. Choose a hue which contrasts your eye color and injects more drama into your glimpse. In the case of cream eye shadows it is a must to apply the formula on the lid and definitely not the crease area. This is the secret to save yourself from a beauty meltdown. Crown your makeup look with a fab mascara.

Lip Makeup Tip

Carmindy knows the secret of the perfect pout and reveals it to you right now. Define your lips using a suitable lip-liner. If you have problems drawing the perfect shape, use a concealer brush and a tiny amount of concealer and correct the line by eliminating smudges. For luscious lips apply the lipstick and then place a tiny amount of gloss on your lower lip. Target the ‘inside of the fleshy part’ for a dazzling visual effect.

Pro Makeup Tips from Carmindy

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