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Top 9 Bang Fringe Hairstyles

Bring on a bang look with a bang fringe hairstyle. Bang fringe hairstyles are in fashion currently and see many bollywood and Hollywood stars wearing that hairstyle with style and grace. They can bring on a sexy playful look and at the same time bring in charm and sophistication. There is a new style statement associated with a new fringe. It gives various faces with various attitudes as fringes type differs from one person to another.

bang fringe

There are various kinds of bang fringes ranging from blunt cut bangs to side swept locks to peek-a-boo fringe. Bangs are very much into fashion. So next time get a good fringe hairstyle when you head towards any parlour. Today we are going to show you top 9 bangs into fashion right now.  So here is the list of what is in trend.

1. Voluminous bangs:

This style looks very trendy and chic. It would suit thinner and leaner face as it’s voluminous. One may use a gel or spray to give that voluminous look to hair.

2. Short Hair Bangs:

These four images show various bang fringes for short hair. Fringe differs from face to face. They give different looks to faces.

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3. Side Swept Fringes:

Side swept fringes

The shape of a fringe depends on hair growth on the scalp. People with less hair in the front middle portion of the scalp can go for side swept fringes as this would suit them the most. Trying to cut a different fringe would result in a definite disaster look.

You can leave this fringe as they are or probably use a trendy clip to tie them sideways. It gives a very cute look.

4. Long Layered Bangs:

This hairstyle is very suitable for medium length hair with less thickness. This hairstyle gives a voluminous look to the hair even if they are thin. This is an evergreen hairstyle which can be worn by everyone with less thick hair.

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5. Wispie Fringe Bangs:

Wispie fringe bangs

Side swept bangs with a few bangs on the other side. Longer bangs are also kept at both the sides for a trendy look. The hair behind can be tied in a high ponytail or can also be left open.

6. Clean Thick Straight Fringes:

side fringes

This is popularly known as Chinese hairstyle. The fringes are thick, straight and cover the entire forehead. This hairstyle suits very few people and one should ask for an expert advice before going for such a hairstyle.

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7. Long Curled Twisted Bangs:

This is the most lovely and classy one. The hair is wavy at the end with long bangs curled towards the end. So you need to treat your hair really well for it to stay for a longer period of time.

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8. Middle Parted Bangs:

Middle Parted bangs hairstyle

This bang suits oval faced people. The bangs of equal length are divided on both the sides of the forehead. It is a very different one and not everyone can carry this bang with a bang.

9. Messy Bangs:

It is a very college going and trendy hairstyle. Here we see that all the bags are of different length and two layers are formed with bangs. This is a messy bang which can go along with daily casuals.

So we hope that our readers enjoy this tutorial and find out a bang fringe hairstyle which suits their face and style.

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