Pro Makeup Tricks To Try Now

Pro Makeup Tricks To Try Now

The greatest names of the industry share their beauty secrets with makeup fans. Those who are eager to stay up-to-the-minute with the newest inventions and techniques that pop up on the market will have the chance to go behind the curtains and find out more on this modern art.

Master the art of applying the most refined cosmetic formulas and polish your talent for color selection with a few useful methods. These pro makeup tricks will definitely keep you busy during this season. Experiment with the multitude of makeup trends and stick to the ones that highlight your subtle sex-appeal.


Nick Barose works with the hottest Hollywood stars. His tip to create a flirty and youthful complexion is to mix a tiny amount of liquid foundation with a rosy blush. This way you’ll manage to create a more natural-looking makeup perfect for all age groups and events. Choose the most flattering blush shade either according to the cold/warm complexion principle or other makeup tricks.

Pro Makeup Tricks To Try Now

Eye Shadow

Gucci Westman is one of the beauty gurus of the moment who decided to reveal one of the top secrets when it comes to the application of eyeshadow.

If you’re ready to add some dimension to your eyes, all you have to do is draw a super-fine and narrow ivory toned line closer to the upper lashline. Fill in the socket with a neutral or more vibrant shade, depending on your preferences. The va-va-voom effect is absolutely guaranteed.


Jeanine Lobell will grant us with a life-saving tip on how to define our eyebrows. The highly acclaimed makeup artist claims that it is advisable to use a taupe shade to fill in the inner corners of the eyes heading towards the arches where you can use simply a soft brownish tone to complete the filling process.

Remember to use a lighter shade where your brows are the thickest. Blending is essential, therefore, make sure you use the best applicator to pull off a uniform look.

Eye Glaze

Cristina Bartolucci offers us the ultimate trick on how to create a dewy eye makeup perfect for the summer season. Mix your own eye glaze using a tiny amount of lip balm and a colorful or neutral eye shadow. The result will be a creamy texture you can easily apply on your lids. The shimmery radiance will definitely attract the attention to your dainty glimpse. Use your fingers for a uniform application and the outcome of your makeover will be stunning.


Molly R.Stern is another big name in the industry, therefore, it is highly recommended to pay attention to what she says about the art of defining our glimpse. Using an eyeliner might require handiness, however, you can learn a lot by practicing the different techniques. If you end up with too much eyeliner on the lash line, all you have to do is use a flat shadow brush and brush a tiny amount of the shadow right into the lash line. Blending is again the catchphrase, therefore, be sure to have all the must have makeup tools to create a soft and perfect line.

Red Lips

From the same makeup artist we find out how to tone down a vibrant red lip color. It might seem as if we had turned back in time when applicators didn’t exist, however, the secret for uniform application lies in the use of your fingers. The solution to create a softer and more dainty effect using an intense red or dark shade is to apply a tiny amount of the red lipstick on the center of your bottom lip and use your finger tips to spread it all over the lips. Do the same way with your upper lip until you achieve the desired effect.

Pro Makeup Tricks To Try Now

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