15 Stylish Playing Card Tattoos for Women and Men

Tattoos most trendy artwork drawn onto our body skin by using needle and ink. This designer way of representing art has hit a huge impact not only on youngsters, but also people who fall under middle age group. Tattoo drawn with card theme is one among the commonest and most selected tattoo designs.

The way of presenting these cards designs can be made with innovative ideas and concept which drawn with playing card designs or tarot card design and many other types. Such type of tattoos are especially famous in card players or those who like to explore their talent in casinos, Before you plan to design a paying card tattoo you must understand how they function.

Cute and Best Playing Card Tattoos:

To know more about the types and the concept used in designing them is illustrated here with top 15 card tattoo designs.

1. Poker Card Tattoos Design:

Poker Card Tattoos design

Most interesting and mind involved game is the poker which involves cards and the trick involved in guessing his best. This card game can be sketched into a tattoo card with just one ink and card design with few poker coins. The varieties you will get into this type of design with color and texture too.

2. Joker Card Tattoos Design:

Joker Card tattoos design

The joker is considered to be the savior during the course of playing cards. Without joker game becomes less jovial and entertaining. This is the reason why a funny face is giving to the joker. The joker can be designed with a single or multi colored tattoo design; you can express your winning situation by this design.

3. Deck of Cards Tattoos Design:

Deck of cards tattoos design

Instead of going for a single card tattoo design, a deck of a card can be sketched around as a full arm or leg tattoo design. The cards designed used can of single color playing cards or multi color and designed playing cards.

4. King Card Tattoos Design:

King card tattoos design

King the ruling and dominant card during the course of playing cards. To show off the dominance in an artistic manner, card tattoo with king face and spade card is the most popular card design sketched by all young guys. It indicates their feeling without any sound.

5. Queen Card Tattoos Design:

Queen card tattoos design

An elegant and subtle looking face, which is famously called as Queen while playing cards. This queen of heart has covered the hearts of all young girls and ladies as a tattoo design. This tattoo suits well around the ankle or around the arms. Girls can enjoy this type of design for their any outfit to express their attitude.

6. Dice with Cards Tattoos Design:

Dice with cards tattoos design

Dice are important thing used while gambling and to signify its important role this cube shaped material can be designed as a tattoo. For gamblers and people who are crazy fans of playing games then this dice tattoo is the apt design around the arm or on the shoulder.

7. Card Flame Tattoo Design:

Card flame tattoo design

A flame card is simply an artistic design which needs lots of patience and concentration in designing them as the tattoo, especially when it is sketched on wrinkled skin surfaces the inking takes a lot of time.

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8. Card with Filler Designed:

Card with filler designed

A simple card shaped tattoo design can be made more attractive by filling in natural scenic pictures which can be the sunrise design or the moon and star design. This with a hand holding a card design is simply a good piece of artwork.

9. Tarot Card Tattoos Design:

Tarot card tattoos design

Tarot is astrology related designed card which has many pictures embossed on the card with the different type of meaning like happiness, sadness, and even death, which is predicted by the astrologers who are trained in tarot card reading.

10. Dramatic Card Tattoos Design:

Dramatic card tattoos design

This is definitely the most attractive and dramatic card symbol tattoos, which shares out a comedy through this tattoo design. This designs portraits how heart or diamond holds the neck of the spade or club card in a funny manner which brings out the theme involved in cards game.

11. Batman and Card Tattoos Design:

Batman and card tattoos design

Batman an action comic hero, which many young girls and boys love to watch, to attract the youngsters tattoo designers combined this famous comic character with card tattoo design. In this tattoo, batman was drawn at the centre surrounded by cards.

12. Card Tattoo with Colored Rose Tattoo Design:

This tattoo cards design is a typical girl tattoo which is sketched around the arm or the back of the shoulder. Instead of going for playing card design baseball character is drawn at the centre of the card with red roses around the card.

13. King and Queen Pair Tattoo Design:

This is a pair tattoo design which is drawn on either side of the lower arm; this type of pair design is inspired by Mehendi designs. The king’s face is drawn on one hand around lower arm and on the other hand, queen face is inked.

14. UNO Card Tattoos Design:

UNO is a most famous card game played by all age groups and kids above 8 years. This card game is a color related play, which involves color like yellow, red, green and blue this color is used in inking the card tattoo. This tattoo suits well as an arm or shoulder tattoo.

15. 3D Card Tattoos Design:

3D effect tattoo requires utmost perfection and dedication in inking the 3D tattoo design. In this tattoo design, a king is inked as he is rising out from the card and aiming to attack someone, which is actually the theme behind card game.

Minute detailing and bringing out the innocent face of queen, brave character of a king and a jovial face of a joker as well as cartoon characters drawn in the centre of the cards is definitely not a simple task.