Rules of Great Makeup

Rules of Great Makeup

Women are using makeup every day. They use it on special occasions, in order to look glamorous, as well as in their everyday life, to give a fresh start for the day. A simple but beautiful makeup boosts your confidence and makes you look tidy, feminine and attractive. Although, when makeup is applied improperly, it can ruin your whole look. Therefore it is really important to make sure you follow some basic rules that guarantee the success of your makeup and will make you feel great and look stunning all day long! Rules of Great Makeup

One of the most important rules you have to learn about makeup is to make sure that the tone of your foundation and concealer is matching your natural skin tone. A brown face with a white neck can be really disappointing and gives you an artificial look, as if you are wearing a mask. In order to avoid this problem, be careful to choose the right shade and to distribute the product well on your skin, leaving no marks or lines behind.

Always apply your makeup in a good, natural light. This way you will be able to see how does your face really looks like, without being misled by the shades.

If you want to achieve a successful makeup, pay attention to the colors you choose. Colors play an important role in obtaining a tasty, beautiful makeup that flatters your features. You should take into consideration your age, your personality, the actual season, the clothes you are going to wear, the occasion and the time of the day as well.

When using an eyeliner don’t forget that an ascending tail drawn in the outer corner of your eye will make you appear younger, whereas a descending line can add ages to your look.

Use eyeliner in moderation. Striking, bold black lines look very unnatural for everyday occasions. If you have difficulties with drawing a thin, straight line close to the base of our eyelashes, you better opt for an eyeliner pencil that gives you more precision.

Rules of Great Makeup

If you want to maintain the softness and plumpness of your lips, moistening has to be part of your daily routine. Applying a lip-gloss on your dry, chapped lips will not make them smooth and kissable. Our lips are exposed to various weather conditions such as harsh cold, winds or excessive sun exposure. Don’t forget to provide your lips with an extra moisture by using lip balms on a regular basis.

Use a blush that corresponds to your own skin tone. Another important thing about face makeup is to apply it with care in order to avoid leaving circles or marks on your face. Blushes can give a wonderful natural glow and radiance to your cheeks, however if you put on too much product and if you apply it incorrectly, you can look like a painting, or a puppet. Your aim is to give a fresh, youthful, rosy color to your cheeks not to look artificial or too dramatic.

Before going to bed, always make sure that you have cleaned your face properly, using a gentle makeup remover and cotton pads. Leaving makeup on your face while sleeping is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Makeup can clog your pores and you can end up with nasty pimples and breakouts. Therefore always save yourself a few minutes to wash off all the makeup residues before you go to sleep.

Always moisture your skin before you would go to bed. Skin cell renewal happens overnight, therefore it is really important to provide your skin with proper nourishment. Gorgeous makeup can only be achieved on a well-hydrated, flawless face.

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