Twerkout New Fitness Trend

Twerkout New Fitness Trend

Ladies, tworkout is a new fitness trend that’s spreading like a virus among fun workout plans seekers, so if you’re thinking of ‘shaking your pounds off’ be sure to check out this new dance workout!

We found out that twerking can be a great way to beautifully shape your body without having to spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights or running. It represents one of the newest dance moves that mainly focuses on your booty and it accentuates your body and hips’ movement.

Twerking as Workout

You can also use twerking for your workout session. There are a lot of websites dedicated to this type of dance move where you can watch a lot of videos. You can choose the beginners area if you want to learn the basic steps, go for the medium level videos if you already know the basics, or master your twerking moves with the advanced training videos.

Twerkout New Fitness Trend

You can also find a lot of twerk workout DVDs that you can easily buy and start your home program. All you have to do is choose the one that you like most and start shaking your body parts. You will enjoy these new moves and you will lose weight dancing and having a good time.

Twerking as Exercise: How to Twerk

During our research we found out that there are some important steps in twerking. Did we catch your attention? That’s perfect! Here they are!

Squat and Shake Twerk

You should get into the squat position. Go low enough so that you get grounded and balanced. Afterwards, get into the position where it looks like you are about to take a sit into a chair. Remember: your booty is the main attraction here. Then, place your hands either in the air or by your sides, and shake your butt back and forth. It would be best to practice these moves on a musical background.

Twerkout New Fitness Trend

The Hands On the Ground Twerk

First, stand with your legs parallel. Make sure that they are straight and separated. Then, put your hands on the ground. You can bend your legs slightly so that your fingertips touch the ground. After that, you should bend and straighten your legs rapidly, along the musical rhythm. You can also shake and move your booty as you twerk.

The Wall Twerk

It may seem hard at first because it requests your arms’ force, however this type of twerking will not only shape your behind area, it will also work for your arms and legs. So, triple win!

Make sure to stand out about 2 feet away from a wall. Put your hands on the floor and make sure you have a good grip of it because you will be walking your feet up the wall and you should avoid falling. Hold this position for some moments while you shake your booty and walk your feet up the wall.

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