Selena Gomez Hair: Style Evolution

Selena Gomez Hair: Style Evolution

Child star, singer and actress, Selena Gomez is often envied for her perfect hairstyles. The young actress loved playing with textures and her looks range from sweet and cute to sexy and stunning.

Usually kept longer, Selena Gomez’s hair has been through many transformations, including curly and straight, and there’s always a lot of buzz about Selena Gomez’s hair color.

Selena Gomez’s Hair 2020

The latest style worn by the young star features voluminous waves and new blonde highlights. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend recently appeared in Canada with a brand new look.

Her blonde highlights have been speculated to be part of a new look for a new man and her beautiful waves have been enhanced with hair extensions.

The more sophisticated look for Selena Gomez’s hair might be part of a new transition to adulthood as the singer will be 21 this July.

Selena Gomez Hair: Style EvolutionSelena Gomez Hair: Style Evolution

Selena Gomez’s MTV Movie Awards Hair

Before her newest natural look, Selena Gomez surprised her fans the the 2020 MTV Movie Awards with a hot new look. The unique braiding has drawn comparisons to a Dr. Seuss character, but stylists have praised her daring choice.

With her hair pulled back in a half updo, Selena Gomez rocked a lose sexy braid that ended with a simple elastic band and straight ends.

Selena Gomez Hair: Style EvolutionSelena Gomez Hair: Style Evolution

Selena Gomez’s Short Hair

She has been mostly wearing her hear longer in recent years, thanks mainly to extensions, but Selena Gomez also tried a different look in 2020 with short hair.

Worn either straight or wavy, her version of the bob surprised her fans. Selena Gomez’s short hair look didn’t stick around for long as the singer and actress opted to restore her locks with extensions for a longer style. Some fans and stylists expressed their wish to see more of Selena Gomez with short hair, but she hasn’t gone back so far.

Selena Gomez Hair: Style EvolutionSelena Gomez Hair: Style Evolution

Selena Gomez’s Red Hair

In 2020, the actress opted for a new look. Selena Gomez’s red hair was right on trend, and the young singer has since returned to it by using highlights.

When using more natural shades of red, Selena Gomez pulled this look off wonderfully, although she also experimented with a violet red that made her look much older.

Selena Gomez’s Purple Hair

The most daring hair experiment from Selena Gomez involved purple hair extensions. Getting a new look for her South American tour, Selena Gomez opted for purple and blue hair extensions in a classy ombre hair version.

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