Selena Gomez to Launch Her Own Fragrance

Selena Gomez to Launch Her Own Fragrance

We can barely keep up with all the news about celebrity fragrances lately. After Justin Bieber’s fragrance Someday has literally shattered sales records, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera have filmed the ad campaigns for their fragrances and Taylor Swift is about to launch her first fragrance ‘Wonderstruck‘, another young diva is preparing to go on a similar path.

The 18 year old diva seems to have made an interesting choice as she teamed up with Adrenalina Inc, a brand that is most widely known as an extreme sports and adventure-themed lifestyle brand. It seems, however, that the company has decided to expand its marketing niche and the latest deal with the popular star seems to be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Selena Gomez to Launch Her Own Fragrance

As a matter of fact, the brand has even made an official statement on this matter, highlighting the excitement for this rather unexpected collaboration: Ilia Lekach, Adrenalina CEO, said in a brief statement:

‘We are incredibly enthused to be working with Ms. Gomez & will reveal more details pertaining to the fragrance as we get closer to the launch date.’

Because the company’s marketing strategy is to keep us guessing and whishing to know more, there are not many details as far as the defining notes of the fragrance are. Therefore, we will have to wait until the spring of 2020 to see the project being finalized. However, it will be quite interesting to see if the success of Selena’s signature fragrances will match the success of her boyfriend’s perfume.

Until then, we can hope that she will be focusing on her music and acting career and that she will continue to do them as successfully as always. Stay tuned for more details about the latest project embarked on. Will you be buying Selena’s first signature perfume when it launches?

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