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Sephora KeratinPerfect Hair Smoothing System

Sephora KeratinPerfect Hair Smoothing System

Among the product launches for May 2020, the KeratinPerfect line from Sephora is certainly worth mentioning. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of keratin treatments in the comfort of their own home, Sephora has created a line that contains all the necessary tools needed for this purpose. The process also addresses rather common hair problems such as treating damaged hair, restoring shine and making the styling process easier.

Jeanine Recckio, Creative Futurist Director, Mirror Mirror Imagination Group explains exactly what type of potential impact this new line can have on your tresses: “KeratinPerfect will truly change your beauty life! We are thrilled to launch this cutting-edge, on-trend formulated line exclusively at Sephora!”

And because such exciting claims deserve to be explored further, analyzing all the products in the collection becomes mandatory. It should be noted that there are two versions for the collection which are adapted depending on the consumer needs. The first kit is called PerfectHair 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Essentials Collection, while the second is marketed under the name of PerfectHair 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition. In these kits you will find all the necessary information on how to get perfectly straight tresses, the products needed for two full treatments and products that will help you maintain your hairstyles looking fabulous.

Sephora KeratinPerfect Hair Smoothing System

PerfectHair 30-Day Smoothing Duo – PerfectPrep and ThePerfector are two products that must be used together and which are designed to make the hair more manageable and improve its condition. PerfectPrep essentially acts as a clarifying shampoo and prepares the hair for the keratin treatment, while ThePerfector  repairs the hair damage.

PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo – designed to help maintain the keratin treatment and restore the health of the hair, this sodium chloride and sulfates-free shampoo works well for every hair type. Thanks to its wonderful formula, this floral scented shampoo will not strip moisture, helping your strands look healthier and softer.

PerfectSilk Keratin Enhanced Conditioner helps repair the hair even further thanks to its protein and vitamin rich formula. Just like the PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo, this product works well for every hair type even damaged and color treated ones. Furthermore, it also seems to offer a certain degree of heat protection.

PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray helps fight frizz, makes disentangling easier, helps preserve color and even protects against humidity. In light of all these incredible characteristics, the shine enhancing option can be considered a well deserved bonus.

Sephora KeratinPerfect Hair Smoothing System

PerfectShine Keratin Oil – Kiss split ends goodbye with this Argan kernel oil enriched product. Regular use will make the hair stronger and softer by helping to prevent breakage, in addition to providing a healthy, irresistible sheen.

PerfectSmooth Blowout Booster Styling Cream – You won’t have to struggle when trying to achieve the perfect blowout now that this heat activated styling product will be at your disposal. Flyaways and humidity will no longer be a concern thanks to the keratin compound the cream is based on.

PerfectRescue Intense Keratin Repair Serum – If you want maximum repair and nourishment for your tresses, this silk and collagen enriched product is certainly a must have. Once again, you won’t have to worry about heat damage as this product is heat activated.

Aside from these products, the Deluxe set also includes the following: PerfectComb, PerfectClips, PerfectHeat Deluxe Titanium Keratin-Sealing Flat Iron. The KeratinPerfect line has a price range of $24 to $235 and can be purchased from US Sephora stores or online from the official Sephora website.

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