Spray Tanning Tips

Spray Tanning Tips

Spray tan has become increasingly popular with those who wish to avoid the dangers of the ultraviolet rays. Spray tanning supplies can be found easily at local stores or online shops. There are several things which can be done to improve results and give you the perfect maximum tan.

Make sure you plan your day in advance by setting aside enough time to use the spray tan system you’ve chosen to have no interruptions. Plan how to reach all of the places you want to apply spray tan and read carefully our spray tanning tips.

Spray Tan Tips: Prep for Perfect Application

Thoroughly preparing your skin for applying a spray tanning product will bring you optimum results. A smooth, healthy looking tan starts with a clean, properly exfoliated skin. You should also remove any unwanted hair at least two days before applying spray tan, so that you allow any possible skin irritation to calm down.

In the morning of your scheduled sunless spray tanning, you should take a quick shower using a light, oil-free and purifying body wash gel from June Jacobs SPA Collection. Skip applying any moisturizer, since it can prevent your spray tan from coloring your skin evenly.

Spray Tanning Tips

Spray Tan Tips: Spray Tanning Machines

Spray tanning machines are perfect for men and women who don’t want any tan lines! If you step inside the spray tanning machine, try not to wear your best swimsuit or underwear pieces, spray tan will irremediably stain them.

You can apply a little Eminence apricot body oil on rough or dry areas such as your hands, knees, and elbows to prevent the tanning spray from being deeply absorbed in those problematic areas, thus making them look unnatural, darker than they normally should. Use a bit more body oil to block spray tan absorption on your palms, cuticles, and toenails entirely. All you need to do now is push the spray tanning machine’s button, take deep a breath and wait for the spray to work its magic!

Spray Tan Tips: After Tanning

To allow spray tans to get into your skin surface layer and create a beautiful, healthy-looking color, avoid taking a shower for as long as you can – you should preferably wait until the next morning. Also, do not use any kind of exfoliating shower gel or rough sponge for the following couple of days.

Spray Tanning Tips

Choose the Best Spray Tan for Self-Tanning

Xen Tan Perfect Blend: Custom Self-Tan is designed with natural tanning agents and antioxidants to create the perfect tan for you, while the best spray tan for fair skin comes from Fake Bake, their spray tans providing effortless application even to beginner self-tanners.

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