Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup Trends

Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup Trends

Makeup trends change directly proportional with fashion trends as makeup helps complete the look of any outfit, so keeping up with the latest makeup trends is as equally important as keeping up with fashion. Choosing to be diverse with your makeup can help you look different every time, so you can constantly surprise your friends with your new looks. Because these spring summer 2020 fashion trends have changed, the trends had to evolve to match the new trends also, thus you can opt for a new makeup look which will suit your personality as well as style.

Choosing the right makeup colors as well as adapting the style of the makeup to suit your facial features is a must if you want the look adopted to enhance your natural beauty perfectly. In order to match your makeup to your stylish new spring summer 2020 wardrobe you need to know what’s in and what’s out, so we have put together some of the most popular makeup trends from the spring summer 2020 fashion podiums, so sneak-a-peek at the following hot looks:

Bold lips

The lip color shades which can definitely aid your sexiness are red, orange as well as hot pink, so if you’re looking to attract attention towards these colors, choose a matte version of these two shades. As far as the rest of the makeup goes, try to stick to natural by creating a flawless look using foundation and emphasizing your eyelashes using a black colored mascara. Optionally, when it comes to eyeliner, try to opt for a white eyeliner pencil which you will apply on your waterline during the day and a black eyeliner for an evening makeup.

Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsFendiSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsGucci

Natural makeup

It seems that makeup artists can’t get enough of the natural look, as this type of makeup seems to maintain its popularity this season as well. Indeed, natural beauty cannot be topped by anything else, so no wonder you can once again put your natural beauty into value without too much effort and still manage to look trendy and fabulous. Create a flawless looking skin using concealer and makeup, define your cheeks subtly with a small touch of blush, apply mascara on your eyelashes and allow your lips to remain bare or apply a subtle, natural looking lipstick. Optionally, you can turn towards applying a neutral colored eyeshadow just for kicks. This look suits all women and all ages, so no wonder it is oh so popular.

Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsDolce&GabbanaSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsLacoste

Bright eye makeup

Choosing to add a great amount of attention towards the eyes can be a great option especially during the evening and if you have gorgeously shaped eyes. Adding bold eyeshadow colors such as orange, pink, green, blue, can definitely help you enhance your eyes and attract a generous amount of attention towards your face. Keep in mind that for this type of makeup you will need flawless skin, so create it using concealer and foundation.

Apply your favorite bright colored eyeshadow, apply a black eyeliner close to your upper lash line and coat your eyelashes with a black colored mascara. You can leave your lips bare or enhance the lips as well using a red colored lipstick.

Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsChristian DiorSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsChristian DiorSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsChristian DiorSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsChristian Dior

Smokey eye makeup

It seems that the smokey eye makeup will never loose its beauty and it’s no surprise why. Creating a smokey eye makeup is not difficult and with a little bit of practice one can master this eye makeup technique. To look trendy and stylish use black and gray eyeshadow or go for dark blue to enhance your eyes.

Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsJust CavalliSpring/Summer 2020 Makeup TrendsGiorgio Armani

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