Super-Simple Tips to Fix Beauty Disasters

Super-Simple Tips to Fix Beauty Disasters

Super-Simple Tips to Fix Beauty Disasters

Everyone at least once in her lifetime experiences a beauty meltdown. It’s totally normal to experiment with different skin care treatments and makeup practices you regret later on.

However, gone are the days when you had to wait until your over-plucked eyebrows grew back or your skin managed to recover from the trauma caused by various products. It’s time to arm yourself up with the following super-simple tips to fix beauty disasters and learn how to react in delicate and embarrassing situations.

Super-Greasy Looking Skin

There are times when you just cannot be prepared for the unexpected, especially when you’re in the midst of a party event. However, next time be sure to keep a blotting paper at hand and a tiny amount of face powder to restore the matte look of your complexion. For a dazzling effect, press the sponge of the face powder rather than rub it into your pores. The result will be simply fabulous.

Super-Simple Tips to Fix Beauty Disasters

Over-Plucked Eyebrows Fix

Over-plucked eyebrows can give you many headaches. However, with a tiny amount of makeup, you’ll be able to fake your way to a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. First choose a pencil which suits your eyebrow and skin tone.

Draw the fabulous and arched shape, then fill it in with the pencil. Then apply a tiny amount of face powder to set the shade. Finally use an eyebrow brush to even out the color.

Sweaty Problem

Various weather and indoors conditions can trigger the sweating process. In this case don’t panic, just use your antibacterial hand gel to apply a tiny amount of it on the delicate spots where perspiration could be visible. Keep your body safe from unpleasant odor with this simple DIY trick.

Out-of-the-blue Zit Problem

A pimple wants to ruin your look right before an important event? Here’s a quick fix to create the impression of a flawless skin condition. Use a cosmetic or homemade spot treatment and then apply a tiny amount of concealer on your fingers and then on the zit. This fabulous makeup formula will mask your pimple perfectly. Finish up your makeup base by spreading a thing layer of translucent powder all over the face. This guarantees the uniform color effect.

Streaky Fake Tan

Often people will use self-tanner to create the impression of sunkissed complexion even during the cold season. If you didn’t manage to apply this tricky formula properly, you can use our tip on how to remove self-tanner excess from various spots of your body and face. First use a damp loofah to exfoliate your skin, then if you still have problems, you can use a slice of lemon as the ultimate remedy. Rub the lemon on your skin to lighten the skin and loosen up the coverage offered by self-tanners.

Smudged Nails Problem

If you’re in a hurry, the chance for smudging your fresh nail art is extremely high. Therefore, be sure to have the nail varnish you used in your bag. If the manicure is chipped, apply a tiny coat of nail polish on the bare sections. Leave the first coat to dry then cover it with a second one to create the effect of a uniform finish.

Super-Simple Tips to Fix Beauty Disasters

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