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Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Skin

Like any essential oil, Tea tree oil is a powerhouse of benefits with amazing anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It not only helps externally but also internally for coughs and congestion. Originally the tea tree oil is steam distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant that is native to the Australian continent.

tea tree oil

Healing and soothing are the best properties of tea tree oil due to which the Australian aborigines have used it as a cure all for centuries. It was discovered in the later 1920’s when it was found that it was ten times more powerful as an anti bacterial than phenol.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits For The Skin:

Usually a clear to pale golden colored oil, it emits a fresh rejuvenating scent that is similar to camphor. The oil has so many uses that it is often called a medicine cabinet in a dropper!  The leaves of the plant are used to make the oil and so the leaves alone can be very effective if sprinkled or infused.

Tea tree oil often used in aromatherapy to treat colds, chest congestion, toothaches and sunburns, some of its benefits for the skin are:

• Helps treat the most stubborn acne abrasions.
• Has an anti-fungal property that cures fungal skin infections like Athlete’s Foot and eczema.
• Has strong antiseptic properties helps soothe cuts and burns.
• Tea tree oil can reverse the effects of sebum secretion that leads to bad body odor.
• Also it is very effective against insect bites and blisters.
• It provides much needed immunity to the skin cells from any kind of infections.
• It is also known to be a good cure for genital warts thanks to its soothing properties.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Skin Treatment?

Depending upon your problem tea tree oil can be used in the following ways:

1. For Acne, Allergies And Bacterial Infections:

One can either directly apply the oil on the skin eruptions or add about 20 to 40 drops of the oil in your daily face wash. In case of very irritating allergies and infections, and tags topically massage it on the effected areas and feet. The reflexes of our feet are the perfect point for essential oils as it holds our nerve bunch.

2. For Arthritis:

Add about 20 drops of tea tree oil to 2o z carrier oil and massage it on the affected region thrice a day. This will help reduce the pain considerably

3. Tea Tree Oil For Warts:

It is gentle and natural so it can’t be harmful to the tender skin of a child. However one can clean nappies with a diluted version of tea tree oil this will keep it disinfected and the smell will be soothing for the baby as well. It can similarly be used for any sort of rashes and even genital warts in adults. Dilute a few drops in water before you apply since tender skin should be approached with utmost care.

4. Breath And Body Odour:

The beautiful and refreshing flavor of the oil can eliminate odor problems anywhere. For oral care rinse your mouth with it after diluting it with water. But don’t swallow at any cost. Similarly you can put it in your bath water everyday to help control sebum secretion and clean open pores.

5. Inflammations And Burns:

Soothing and anti inflammatory in nature this tea tree oil is very effective for inflamed skin. Use generously multiple times a day to soothe the area. It also works well for razor cuts and infections from in grown body hairs.

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6. Dry Skin And Chapped Lips:

Dry and flaked skin can be reversed with the highly effective components in tea tree oil. It helps cell regeneration and cleans away the layers of dead skin which cause infections in the first place. Add a few drops into your lip balm and watch the same thing cure dry chapped lips.

7. Tea Tree Oil For Wounds:

This is one of the best benefits of tea tree oil. Along with reducing the chapped lips, the tea tree oil can take care of the face in a number of ways. If you want to treat warts, then you will have to apply the undiluted form of tea oil on the affected area and they will disappear within a very short period of time. It can also cure wounds effectively and quickly. One of the best things you can do is that always keep the tea tree oil in a carrier as keeping it loose might have skin reactions. Using tea tree oil for tags and wounds is probably of the best use of tea tree oil for the skin.

8. Tea Tree Oil Can Solve Dry Skin Issues:

Want to know how yo use tea tree oil? Use it for removing dry skin. During winters, dry skin is one of the main problems, so it is recommended that you use tea tree oil extracts without going for any artificial company-made winter cream. You will have to mix it with another natural oil to be totally applicable. Mix 5spoons of tea tree oil along with not more than one spoon of almond oil and massage it into your skin. This will increase the elasticity of the skin which goes away with age and makes the skin youthful as well. This is one of the best skin benefits of tea tree oil. With the help of this particular property of tea tree oil, you can say goodbye to dryness. Rather, it will make the skin glowing and soft.

9. Tea Tree Oil Can Cure Insect Bites:

Tea tree oil can cure insect bites effectively. For this particular benefit, this organically extracted oil is known as tea tree oil for skin. Along with the above mentioned medicinal uses for skin, this one is extremely popular and a lot of people know about it as well. The best medicinal use of tea tree oil is that it can be used to permanently remove the insect bite marks. Insect bite marks are really embarrassing, hence, from next time turn down the artificially made medicines and go with the tea tree oil. It can soothe the burning effect on the skin and can remove the marks permanently. No other medicine can cure the insect bite marks as quickly as tea tree oil. It is a miracle.

10. Good For Rashes:

tea tree oil can prove to be extremely useful for rashes. Rather, it can be said that this is one of the best tea tree oil benefits for the skin. It can assist with the burning sensation of the rashes and calm it down. Furthermore, it can reduce the marks after the rashes are completely gone. One can simply and easily use this natural oil to reduce rashes.

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11. Treat The Dry Scalp:

It can reduce the rashes and make the scalp look better. It is extremely good for dry scalp which will further lead to less dandruff. It will moisturize the scalp and will save it from getting dry again. This is one way to use tea tree oil for the skin. One cannot just simply avoid this particular benefit of tea tree oil. This is a really cool feature and will easily persuade almost anyone to use it for this purpose.

12. Can Relieve You from Pink Eye:

With tea tree oil on your side, you can avoid the pink eye, which generally happens during a flu. It can reduce the redness and can stop and reduce the symptoms of conjunctivitis. It can reduce the pain and irritation. So how to how to use tea tree oil for this purpose?

All you have to do is some green tea in water and then mix it with two or more drops of an essential oil. It is better if you use tea bags, that way you can apply it to your eye as well. Simply place it on the eye and keep it from not less than 20minutes. This will provide instant relief.

13. Acts As An Effective Anti-Dandruff Liquid:

Tea tree oil has certain benefits which make it so amazing. It can reduce the amount of dandruff in the hair.

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14. Softens Corns:

Tea tree oil has been proved to be beneficial in the process of softening corns.

15. Chicken Pox:

During the process of cure of chicken pox, tea tree oil plays a massive role.

Tea tree oil is one of the best organically extracted oils out there which has tons of benefits and serve the skin and body effectively. It contains good amounts of natural minerals which are provided by the Mother Nature.

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