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Tips for Being More Photogenic

Tips for Being More Photogenic

If you skim through photos made recently and wish you would look better, there are some tips to help you come out better in pictures and be more photogenic.

Concerning clothes, try to find the best outfit that enhance your features and skin tone. Don’t opt for clothes that would shift the attention from your face or would make your appearance seem dull and boring.

Play with the camera, exercise a bit to “smile with your eyes” – as Tyra would say. Imagine that you know the person behind the camera and you’re enchanted by his company. Immediately your smile becomes natural and your eyes will glow.

You can camouflage the double-chin effect by keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, then smile. Placing the camera a little above eye level can also work.

Tips for Being More Photogenic

Avoid holding your breath while taking photos, you’ll look stiff. Relax, that’s the key to a natural look. Try to ignore the camera and don’t get nervous.

Posture is as important as facial expressions. Keep your back straight and you’ll look fabulous. Don’t struggle with your shoulders let them loose. Usually girls tend to place their weight on one foot, which will give extra dimension to photos. Boys on the other hand like to look straight in the camera and place their weight on both feet. However to have a relaxed posture try the following: turn your torso slightly and shift your weight to one foot. Place that feet forward that you like the best. You’ll look much better, practice it.

Avoid big smiles, it will look exaggerated, that’s why experiment with the ¾ one. It will give you a pretty and relaxed look.

Finally don’t look directly at the camera, look above it a bit. This way you’ll prevent the red-eye effect. It also creates a spontaneous image.

Practice these tricks in front of the mirror to have the greatest look on spot.

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