Tips for Fair Skin in Summer

Tips for Fair Skin in Summer

If you have fair skin, summer can become a nightmare. Not only do you have to protect your skin, but also to make sure it looks its best, even without a tan. Find out more about the right SPF and learn a few makeup tricks to make your fair skin glow in the warm months.

Fair Skin Tips in Summer: Avoiding Sunburn

You probably know the drill, but protecting your skin from sunburn is very important. Use sensible clothing, hats and umbrellas to stay out of the sun for long periods of time and never go outside without good sunscreen.

If you have very fair skin, you’ll need a SPF of at least 30. Better options to protect yourself from UV radiation include the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer SPF 50 and Bobbi Brown SPF 50 Protective Face Base.

If you don’t want fair skin in the summer, you’ll be looking for a bronzer, but most of them tend to make pale skin look dirty, not tanned. For great sheer color, try the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Translucent Bronze Concentrate for your face and PRTTY PEAUSHUN Skin Tight Body Lotion for your body. You’ll get the right glow and extra color without any unpleasant streaks or an unfortunate finish.

Tips for Fair Skin in Summer

Makeup Tips for Fair Skin in Summer

When it comes to making your skin look better with the right makeup, pink is the obvious choice, but it can become overpowering on a pale complexion. Peach is your best bet for blush and this is one of the best fair skin tips in summer you’ll get! Go for a peachy shade of your favorite makeup brand and use it on both your cheeks and your eyelids.

A tinted moisturizer with good SPF is a much better choice for fair skin in summer than a liquid foundation or mineral makeup. Follow it with a peachy blush or experiment with different creams and coral shades, as long as you avoid bright pink.

One of the best tips for fair skin in summer is to go for bright lips. If you choose a pink or coral shade of lipstick, it will enhance your porcelain skin much better than a nude shade ever could.

Feel free to experiment with different looks for your eyes, but keep in mind that bronze is the best choice for fair skin in summer, especially if you want a natural look. A golden brown shade can be just as flattering if you have brown or hazel eyes.

For a cool evening look, you can opt for black eyeliner for the waterline, but follow it up with very light shades for your top and bottom eyelids and blend well.

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