Tips to Start the Day Refreshed

Tips to Start the Day Refreshed

Whether you were busy or you spent some time with your friends, sacrificing your beauty sleep, there’s remedy for your drowsy mood. The tiredness can be attributed to weather, stress, work or health problems. The following tips will help you look great even after a long night.

– Practice what specialists call express sleeping – this way you’ll give a little rest to your eyes and skin. It is recommended to sleep no more than 10 minutes, since you might fall asleep too deeply. Waking up would be too painful after that. This express nap will give you enough energy for the rest of the day. Lie down on the couch or bed and experiment with it even throughout the day, if you feel the need of a little sleep.

Tips to Start the Day Refreshed

– When you finally decide to get up, don’t get out of the bed immediately, stretching has several benefits. Prepare your muscles for the day, moreover it actually improves your blood circulation. Relax the muscles in your back and neck, this way the stiffness will pass quicker. Don’t make sudden moves, leave the bed gradually. If you are too busy for a full workout session, you can still include a short exercise into your daily routine.There are several exercises that can be done without warm-ups.

– Breathing is very important in our life. So, it is advisable not to stress out because you haven’t had enough sleep. Instead meditate for a few seconds. Take 3 profound breaths, inhale by nose and exhale by mouth. This will sedate your nervous system and you’ll be able to face the day with a different and shiny attitude.

– The next step would be an energizing shower. It is demonstrated that it’s better to have a shower after you wake up in the morning than before going to sleep. What can be more refreshing than a quick shower. This will radically improve your blood circulation – a useful tip is to switch the temperature of the water form hot to cold and hot again. The blood vessels will work more effectively, trying to make your body get used to the temperature of the water.

– Hydrate your body, since lack of sleep can dehydrate your skin and organism. When you feel extremely tired drink more water than average. Keep a glass of it at hand, so that when you feel drowsy, you can have a sip. As a cold shower, hydration will refresh your body and will accelerate your slow metabolism.

– Coffee can do miracles when you feel tired, however you should not exaggerate with the amount. It is said that a cup can refresh you and give you energy. On the other hand two or three cups of coffee will make you feel more drowsy than you already are, instead opt for water or lemon juice. It is more healthy and effective than you think.

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