Top 9 Amusing Balloon Tattoo Designs

If you want to appear unique and exclusive from others, then you should try out balloon tattoos. These tattoos are not usual ones, but they appear very startling if they are being inked with vibrant and eye catching colours, it looks radiant and sublime.

Balloon tattoos designs are very inspiring and hold deep meaning also. Many men and women goes for balloon tattoo design as they are not very common and the message imparted by balloon designs are healthy , positive and encouraging. The balloon tattoo designs can be customized according to your perception and appear fantastic.  Inside the tattoo you can portray meaningful symbols, pictures and even a cartoon character to make it appear alluring and attractive.

Stylish and Attractive Balloon Tattoo Designs:

So let’s have a look at top 9 different types of balloon tattoos among which you can choose one for yourself.

1. Eye Catchy Balloon Tattoo Design:

balloon tattoo

This is an enticing and very appealing tattoo design which can be crafted on any part of the body. The anchor has been inked beautifully with green and the balloons are tied with string as if depicting safety and stability in a person life.

2. Outstanding Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Design:

Outstanding Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Design

This type of design can be depicted by everyone irrespective of age and sex. It’s a stupefying hot air balloon tattoo design for arms. The rose flower crafted on the hot air balloon depicts your desire to travel and no one can stop you to achieve success and be on top of the world.

3. Attractive Balloon Tattoo Design:

Attractive Balloon Tattoo Design

This is another magnificent and radiant looking tattoo or young or teenage girls. In this design a small cute bunny is holding a sizzling heart shaped balloon as it portrays that she is in love with someone special.

4. Unmatched Balloon Tattoo Design on Tree:

Unmatched Balloon Tattoo Design on Tree

This tattoo design could be a great way to express that you’re knowledgeable, wise enough to understand people and can get adapted to any situation. Similar to the tree tattoo and here instead of leaved cheerful, radiant balloons are designed, few flying high in the sky thus looking magnificent and appealing to the eyes.

5. Soaring High Balloon Tattoo Designs for Sleeves:

Soaring High Balloon Tattoo Designs for Sleeves

Small tattoo design is gaining popularity as it’s easy to design and an easy way to express your emotions. This tattoo appears very cool; the design is inked with black and can be easily crafted on arms. The hot air balloon passing through mountains and swaying in clouds lends the feeling of happiness as well of freedom.

6. Triple Red Balloon Tattoo Design:

Triple Red Balloon Tattoo Design

This is a simple tattoo design which can be designed on the sides to make it look more sensual and alluring. The black outline with red ink filled inside can uplift anyone’s thoughts at the same time appear fabulous and peachy.

7. Awesome Balloon Tattoo Designs:

Awesome Balloon Tattoo Designs

Here comes an interesting and unique design depicting joy and happiness. In this small cute cheerful girl is releasing a bunch of colourful balloon in the sky and feel happy that how the balloon is floating in the air. The balloons are inked in such a pleasing way with dazzling colour combination thus making it very eye catching ones.

8. Friendship Balloon Tattoos Designs:

Friendship Balloon Tattoos Designs

This tattoo design could be a great way to express your feelings and affection towards your friend.  The two friends holding the bunch of balloon with the quote beneath make it more intense and depict the picture of true friendship between two of them.

9. Sparkling Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Design:

Sparkling Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Design

The tattoo looks very beauteous with small colourful butterfly portrayed and looks distinct from other designs. In this design instead of basket a cage is crafted thus signifying your freedom and keep moving.

A balloon tattoo can be designed on any part of the body according to your whimsies and imagination.  You can even get a bigger or smaller balloon tattoo designed, hooking the one which enhances your persona and gives you a distinguished appearance. The balloon tattoos designed are liked by men and women and more adored by females because of its inspiring meaning.