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Top 9 Hair Tattoo Designs And Images

These day people tend to get a tattoo done on almost any position of their body. The growing trend is of head or hair designs that are done by making you shave a portion of your hairs and then the inking is done on that position. You can also easily cover these up and keep your hair down or grow that long to keep it covered. You can also keep that position without any form of hair so that you can show that to people. It also should be remembered that these are quite a thing that you should take the advice of your artist.

These should also be done under the guidance and advice of the professionals who will do these on you. Also removal with lasers of these can be a tough thing. You should also get the designs in a size that is comfortable for you to sport and also the pattern can be custom made, The colors should be used accordingly and that which you are comfortable to wear. You should also be careful as to the size of the design. If you want it small then you can easily sport it but it will not be very visible and also if it is very large then you may have difficulty to hide it with your hair. Therefore these considerations should be there when you want to get a design needled on your head.

Best Hair Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the top 9 types of hair tattoo designs and images that you can do on your head. You should definitely custom make these and try these out.

1. Masonic Hair Tattoo Design:

hair tattoo designs

Masonic tattoos are quite popular these days. This is the all Seeing Eye Masonic design that has been done on the head. These should be custom made. You can also extend these and if you want then you can use other colors and also custom make the pattern. These should be done from professional artists and you can also customize the size of these. It is one of the popular hair tattoo designs for girls.

2. Polynesia Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 2

There are many tribes of Polynesia the people of which like to get their whole bodies inked with various ancient patterns like the above image. You can also get similar patterns done if you want to do these all over your body and head.

3. Small Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 3

If you want a small scale design at the nape area, then you can try out a tattoo like this. These can be done in Egyptian or tribal formats.

4. Maori And Geometric Format Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 4

This is a Maori and geometric format design that has been done on the nape and head area. You can also get something like this done. This is one of the best hair tattoo designs for men.

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5. Rose Patterns Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 5

If you want decorative tattoo designs on the hair, then you can try out floral and others rose patterns like this.

6. Horizontal Font Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 6

Sometimes people also like a horizontal font tattoo done at the forehead position. You can also do something like this. It is the popular hair tattoo designs for boys.

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7. Bone Fish Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 7

This is a bone fish tattoo that has been done on the side of the hair. You can also try getting something artistic like this if you are comfortable sporting these patterns. This is one of the best hair tattoo designs for women.

8. Daring Patterns  Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 8

If you want daring patterns on the forehead and also over the top of hair, then this can be something that you can customize to suit your taste and the colors can be accordingly done.

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9. Creative Hair Tattoo Design:

Hair Tattoo 9

This is a very creative hair tattoo that you can do on your head. You can also do these in flesh tone or you can do these with other floral prints and use colorful inks.

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