Top 9 Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Girls with long hair can make a variety of stylish looks. If the sections are long, these can be made into waves, curls and also into pony. These can be sport for parties and also for regular college wear.

hairstyles for girls with long hair

Below are the top 9 hairstyles for girls with long hair that a person should definitely try out.

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair With Images:

1. Messy Curls:

hairstyles for girls with long hair1

This is a party look which can be done with a round brush and some heat. If there is product build up that can be helpful to keep the look in shape for longer.

2. Low Back Pony:

hairstyles for girls with long hair2

This is a very stylish getup for parties and discos. This can also be worn for family occasions. This is also a very commonly worn look for with Salwar suits and lehengas.

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3. Sleek Side Party Look:

hairstyles for girls with long hair3

This can be done with some serum and water from a spray bottle. Then this can be straightened out with a straightener iron. This is easy to sport with a variety of outfits from traditional sarees and lehengas to ghagra cholis. This is also good with t shirts and funky disco outfits.

4. Twisted Tip Look:

hairstyles for girls with long hair4

If a person does not like much styling, they can keep the sleekness and then twist the tips with a roller equipment’s and heat. Some sprays can be used to maintain the tips. This can be sported on a regular basis and is quite low on maintenance.

5. Waterfall Braiding:

hairstyles for girls with long hair5

This is a popular look for those people who have thick and long length of sections. These can be made into rolled out sections and used with some gum or spray. Then sections from any side can be done into a normal pleating, when pleating is being done, some sections are taken out and these are made to hang loose. This gives the impression of waterfall and this looks very stylish. This can be worn with almost any form of outfit. This attire can be worn with Maangtika at centre to make this look traditional and this can also be worn with other funky t shirts for college girls.

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6. Messed Middle Parted Look:

hairstyles for girls with long hair6

This is popular and messed party attire which can be worn with traditional sarees as well as with other clothes. This has a sectioning and therefore a Maangtika can be worn in that section. The loose sides can also be clipped at back to keep back sweat free. Some gums can be used to make the look wet and messed. Water from a spray bottle can be used for this.

7. Choppy Disco Look:

hairstyles for girls with long hair7

This is a coloured look which is quite popular and can be done with permanent or temporary colour sprays. This Girl hairstyle can be worn for college and other occasions as well as with trditional salwar suits and lehengas. This is also quite popular amongst celebrities. The tips can be chopped. If the sections are not straight, then these can be done with the help of a straightening iron.

8. Long Curls:

long hair curls for girls with long hair 8

If the length is very long, then the sections can be styled using some sprays. This is a very commonly done look and can be sport by almost all people. This is also good for parties and discos.

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9. Graduated Sleek Long Look:

hairstyles for girls with long hair9

This is a very easy to maintain look. This can be sported open or this can be clipped into a pony. This is also good for parties. This can be easily styled and also worn on an everyday basis for college and work.