Top 9 Tongue Tattoo Designs And Pictures

These day people are trying out tattoo arts on their tongues along with any other form of body designs, doing artistic and creative styles on the inner mouth or even inside the lips be it upper lip or lower, has become quite a trend. If you are someone who wants to get something creative on their tongue done, then there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind. You will have to know that these are very painful to get something like this done in an open area like the mouth. Apart from that, if you do not like the design then you may want to change it and in that case, it may be quite problematic because getting lasers on this area is can be quite harmful and also quite costly. There are various designs that you can, however, try out. You should get these from a professional expert and that artist can tell you about what type of design you should get done on you. Also, the removal of these may leave traces of dark inks. You can also custom get designs done for yourself as per your comfortability.

Best Tongue Tattoo Designs:

Below are the top 9 tongue tattoo designs that you can try out.

1. T-Rex Dinosaur Tongue Tattoo Design:

tongue tattoo designs

This is a girl type tongue tattoo of a T-Rex dinosaur. If you are a fan of these types of dinosaur creatures, then you can get this done. This is also quite like a pencil-drawn design and does not have colors else than the only an outline of the drawing. Therefore this will be easier to get removed. These types of designs are easier to sport n also remove other than those where you get colors and other styles do. This is one of the best tongue tattoo designs for women.

2. Fire Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs2

This is a fire design that has been done with colors. This is quite creative and if you want something like this, you can make this customized from your pattern artist and your artist can guide you as to what type of colors you should use and the style of the fire and also if you should get any associated patterns with this or not.

3. Hola Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs3

This tattoo says “Hola” and you can do similar other styles like writing something in other fonts of your choice. These are quite girl type and you can use other colors for this.

4. Tribal Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs4

These are artistic tribal designs. You can try out various styles like this on yourself.

5. Devil Tribal Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs5

This is a different type of tribal design that you can do on your tongue from artists.

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6. Geometric Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs6

This is a geometric and graphical design that has been done. You can try out these types of decorative designs for your tongue or lips.

7. Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs7

This is a small mushroom tattoo that has been done. You can try out these quite easily. This is also good for girls to do and easy to sport since the size of this is quite small. These are also easily removable. This is one of the best small tongue tattoo designs.

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8. Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs8

This is a very creative tattoo design. You can try out styles like this but these are very costly and needs much needling. If you are good with the pain and also ready to shell out a good amount of money for an artistic design like this, then you can seek proper advice.

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9. Tongue Tattoo Design:

Tongue Tattoo Designs9

This is a robot tattoo that has been done on the tongue. This is quite easy to sport and you can get customized easy designs like this from your pattern artist. It is one of the tongue tattoo designs for men.

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