Top 9 Very Short Hairstyles for Men in 2020

The latest fashion is not only for women, but men are also now entering the race to look better in every possible way. Their urge and need to do something new every day is always motivating men to do things differently and uniquely. Apart from the regular razor hairstyles and simple head shaving techniques, men are now increasing their visits to the barber shop for the new line up hairstyle or even the blurry fade style. Irrespective to their hair type, they are now ready to try every short haircut to enhance their looks.

9 Best and Cool Very Short Hairstyles for Male with Images:

Here are the most popular, very short hairstyles for men. These are the all-wise trendy and stunning look hairstyles in the crowd.

1. Angular Fringes:

Very short hairstyle for men 1

Though suited for round face however this hairstyle may suit all face shapes. By keeping the top layer long and then having a cut at the angle, the looks achieve by having tapered sides. It’s an emerging trend among youngsters. Also, even more relaxed for the summer look.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Slim faced, and silky smooth hair guys should try this style.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s good for casual dates and college students. However, this hairstyle tries in working professionals.
  • Best Age Groups: Ideal for boys below 22 years.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: There is no specific season for having this hairstyle!!
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear will suit this short hairstyle for men better, but it can also be teamed up with ethnic wears too!!

2. Caesar Cut:

Very short hairstyle for men 2

This cut is very comfortable and easy to get with a simple dab of gel or styling cream. The short length style is comfortable and relaxed and also easy to spike up. With gel and cream, the spike can stay in place for a longer time. The very very comfortable style for summers and you can also carry this as formal wear to the office or a meeting.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: It will suit better for boys with an elongated or oval face, with any hairs.
  • Suitable Occasions: Ideal for college campuses, college functions, corporate meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Best Age Groups: Age is no bar for this type of hairstyle.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Good for all seasons!!
  • Matching Dresses: It can be teamed up with any attire!!

3. Slicked Back Look:

Very short hairstyle for men 3

If you have long hair then why not go for back brush and style it with gel or cream to get the sleek and stylish look, This goes well with even side parting or just by back brushing right from the crown region. Whether you have medium or short hair, you can try this style and carry it for a party or an office meeting.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Ideally, round face men should try this mature look. And normal or silky haired men should give it a try!!
  • Suitable Occasions: Suitable for working professionals only, who are planning to attend corporate meetings, conferences or normal routine office day!!
  • Best Age Groups: It recommends for men above 30 years.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Suitable for every season!!
  • Matching Dresses: This one can only be teamed up with formal dresses.

4. Casual and Classic:

Very short hairstyle for men 4

This hairstyle is similar to the slicked back look. With hair short on the sides and long on the top of the crown region, this style is easy to achieve. Once again brush your hair through and apply style gel or cream to let it stay on the place for long hours. This style can never go out of fashion and looks good on tall men.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Guys with the long or oval face are ideal for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s good for casual dates, birthday parties, friend’s get-together, etc.
  • Best Age Groups: Guys above 28 years of age should try it.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: It’s good to carry it around the year.
  • Matching Dresses: Try to couple this hairstyle with only informal or casual dresses.

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5. Side Part Pompadour:

Very short hairstyle for men 5

Pompadour is very common in the history of fashion as the same can be done with hair of any length and also suits young boys or a man and gives a boyish charm. It’s more idea when you are our for a get-together and fun and frolic than for formal wear.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: It is also suitable for all types of faces but, it will be better if the person carrying this hairstyle have silky or normal hairs.
  • Suitable Occasions: It is good if you carry this hairstyle to college, your part-time office, casual outings, etc.
  • Best Age Groups: It is suitable for boys below ’30s.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: It’s adaptable for all season.
  • Matching Dresses: This hairstyle will suit mostly casual or informal dresses.

6. Short Back and Sides:

Very short hairstyle for men 6

The short back and side hairstyles are quite famous amongst working professionals or men above 28 years of age. This hairstyle makes use of trimmers to shave off the hairs from one side and back. The other side of the head is left untouched but settled with gel to enhance its clarity. It is also recommended to have a bit longer hair before adopting this hairstyle, as the flow of hairs have to be maintained on the opposite side of trimmed hairs.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Good for all face types with any hairs. However, it will suit better to the guys with silky smooth hair.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s a kind of all occasion type hairstyle for men.
  • Best Age Groups: Men above 28 years should try this right hairstyle.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: It can be clubbed with any season but will suit better during winters.
  • Matching Dresses: It will suit better with formal dresses.

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7. Simply Short:

Very short hairstyle for men 7

In this style, the hair is longer at the top, and the back and sides are a little short. A styling gel or a cream will be ideal as one may even create spikes look and also help in the stay. Additionally, this cool very short haircuts for guy’s hairstyle will also bring out your Romeo look and your commitment towards your goals!! However, if you are planning to have this look, it is recommended to have it with a slight beard to enhance your look.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: For the men with fair complexion and oval face, this hairstyle is a must try. But for others, it is recommended to consult a professional stylist before having this look.
  • Suitable Occasions: It is preferred to casual dates and parties.
  • Best Age Groups: It is ideal for men above 28 years of age.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: It is suitable for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Good to team up with casuals.

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8. Undercut Variation Style:

Very short hairstyle for men 8

It is a very stud type hairstyle and is suitable to reveal your serious yet joyful look. However, it is recommended to have a bit longer hairs before trying this hairstyle. As the flow of hair on top of your head will be revealed if the hair is little normal to silky and long hair. Also, it is ideal if you visit a professional hairstylist before having this cut, as professionals will always result best!!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round and slim faced persons should carry this hairstyle, irrespective to any hairs.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s good for casual meets, parties, pub nights, family functions, etc.
  • Best Age Groups: Age is no bar for this very undercut variation hairstyle.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Suits all weather!!
  • Matching Dresses: Good to pair this hairstyle with casual dresses.

9. Waves Along with Low Fades:

Waves Along with Low Fades

This wavy hairstyle with low fades is ideal for the boys or men with curly hairs as short hairstyles can be used to flaunt the hair textures. Additionally, the waves for this best very short haircuts for men have to be a sharp one, which can be enhanced with a lineup and a low fade.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round-faced persons should carry this hairstyle, and it will suit well for the curly or wavy hairs.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s good for casual parties, pub nights, family functions, etc.
  • Best Age Groups: Age is no bar for this very hairstyle.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: suits all weather!!
  • Matching Dresses: It’s good to pair this hairstyle with casual dresses

Additional Tips:

  1. Before trying these hairstyles, it is recommended to consult a professional hairstylist, as it will be a lot easier for you to define your style.
  2. For hair styling, do use hair styling products like hair gel or cream to set the hair flows, waves and fades.
  3. Do remember to offer routine care to your styled hairs, to maintain the hair quality.
  4. Also, to provide proper and routine trimming sessions for your hairs, to keep the hairstyle and to equalize the ratio of trimmed to uncut hairs.
  5. After the use of hair styling products, do wash your hairs, to make them frizz free and to enhance their quality and life!!
  6. Do wash your hairs thrice a week or twice a week, as per requirement, to prevent your hairs from the harmful effects of sweat, pollution, dust and dirt!!

The very short hairstyles for men mentioned above are unique and reflects the personality of an individual. Hence it is essential for you to decide your hairstyle very precisely to maintain your looks!! A haircut is also capable of revealing your thoughts so; it is advised to get it done by an experienced and professional hairstylist only!! This visit to the hairstylist will clear the fades and will define the streaks and spikes correctly. If you like the above mentioned very short hairstyles for guys, do drop your feedback!! Have a happy hairstyling session!!

Frequently Asked Question and Answer:

Q1. I have curly hairs, and I find it very difficult to maintain it. Which hairstyle should I choose?

Ans: Having curly hairs is not a severe issue, you can visit a barber or a professional hairstylist to discuss your short hairstyle!!! He can guide you with the latest hairstyling trends that will suit your face and hairs. Additionally, you can also try the very short hairstyles for men adopted by the celebrities or your role models, as they will keep motivating you to achieve your goals!!

Q2. What kind of styling products should I use?? Also, is it safe to use such products?

Ans: To maintain your hairstyle, you can choose a good quality of hair cream or styling gel. However, to provide routine care to your hair to maintain and improve the quality of hairs!! Additionally, these styling products of a reputed brand are safe to use, only as per the instructions mentioned on the labels. Do wash your hairs after the use of such products for very short boy haircuts.

Q3. How many trimming sessions are required for the maintenance of these short haircuts for men?

Ans: There are no such specific requirements for the maintenance of these short hairstyles. However, the growth of your hairs is also equally responsible for deciding the number and intervals of trimming sessions. If your hair growth is fast, there will be a lesser time in between the trimming sessions. However, in case of slower hair growths, the time in between the trimming sessions may be increased.

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