Blow Drying vs Air Drying

Blow Drying vs Air Drying

How many times haven’t you heard that blow drying can damage your hair and you should let it air dry to avoid drying out your tresses. It is actually a thing that you should decide for yourself.

You can choose to blow dry because this is the only way you can style your hair as you wish, you can choose to air dry because you think it is less damaging for your hair and you also help the environment by reducing the electricity consumption. It should be your decision based on what works for you.

Here are the differences between blow drying and air drying, to help you make the best choice for you:

Blow drying

the blow dryer is powered by electricity in order to dry the hair quickly

it is great especially for people who are in a hurry and need to get their hair dried quickly

it has heat settings so it can blow cold or hot air. Hot air can damage the hairs due to the heat which strips moisture out of the hair and leaves it prone to dryness

the hair can be styles easier in place due to the fact that the bonds of the hairs can be closed due to the use of the heated blow drying, thus leaving the hair as styled

if the hair is blown dry correctly and with the right styling products the hair doesn’t suffer excessive damage

Blow Drying vs Air Drying Blow Drying vs Air Drying

Air drying

is a natural way of drying the hair. The hair will dry on it’s own

it takes a long period of time for the hair to dry

it doesn’t damage the hair

the hair can be harder to style

it’s perfect for people who have enough time on their hands to allow their hair to dry

Whatever method of drying your hair you choose make sure you do it correctly, so your tresses will look beautiful and healthy.

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