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Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles

Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles

The 21 year old (born in 1988) American singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens came to know fame relatively quickly by starring in the hit film series High School Musical. Vanessa made herself stand out because of her natural beauty. Her dark skin complexion, dark chocolate hair and brown eyes made her one of the most appreciated teen fashion icons.

Her appearance and beauty are well known qualities Vanessa possesses and she knows how to use them in her advantage. She has never been seen wearing a hairstyle which didn’t offer her facial features any advantages. The hair color which she seems to love since she sticks to it is dark chocolate. It is a color which matches her beautiful tanned complexion. It enhances her skin color and makes her look like she is radiating beauty. The hair color she chose makes her gorgeous eyes stand out and look like they were made out of marble.

Vanessa’s hairstyle is long and naturally wavy. The layers incorporated into her beautiful long tresses make her hair easier to style and bouncier. She seems to love her natural wavy hair because this is the way she usually wears it. Wavy long hairstyles contribute to a very stylish and innocent look, a look which makes Vanessa adorable. Create your own wavy hairstyle with styling products, waving irons or curling irons.

Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles

For more formal occasions Vanessa usually opts for lovely updo hairstyles. The updos she was seen wearing are adorable and appear to be Grecian goddess inspired. These classic updo hairstyles look incredible if styled right. You can choose from a variety of updos to suit your preferences as well as your outfits. Go for an updo inspired by one of Vanessa Hudgens’s beautiful updo hairstyles.

Straight hair has always looked incredibly hot and this is the way it looks on Vanessa as well. Her straightened hair looks healthy and radiant. Sleek straight hair is an appropriate hairstyle for every occasion. It contributes to a very simple yet sophisticated look, a look which softens the facial features. Straighten your hair using a ceramic plate straightening iron and give your hair a nice glow like Vanessa’s by applying a little bit of shine spray over the entire hair.

Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles

Pull your hair up just like Vanessa because she makes pulled up hairstyles look so hot. These hairstyles are appropriate for casual wear. They are perfect school hairstyles, hairstyles which help create a distinct yet appropriate look. The pulled up hairstyle Vanessa chose to wear looks great. They look sophisticated but they are actually very simple. Use hair accessories to upgrade your hair and make the entire hairstyle look trendy.

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