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Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020

The makeup collections released by Victoria’ Secret seem to share the same popularity as the hot lingerie lines. Indeed the versatile color selection as well as refined packaging and look all adapt to the style expectations of the public. Targeting the fans of mysterious and subtle looks this year’s Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020 collection might not line up a multitude of products still thanks to the complex structure these would fulfill our need for a universal and all event-appropriate beauty must have.

For a pocket-friendly price you’ll have the chance to polish your makeup skills using fine textures and mesmerizing shades that flatter all face shapes and skin tones. Inspired by the eerie smokey eye look and as the name denotes the midnight glamour, designers managed to come up with a show-stopping micro-collection of eye shadow and lip palette, face powder, eye shimmer as well as nail lacquer. Complement your formal or casual chic appearance with a smashing and A-list makeup look using these ultra-glamorous palettes.

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020Midnight Glamour Eye Palette

Midnight Glamour Deluxe Eye Palette

Turn the holidays into the perfect occasion to flash your style-consciousness as well as pro makeup artist talent. This fabulous eye palette with the new-season shades would offer you the chance to envision a glam smokey eye look. The silky soft texture of the eye shadows and additional gel liner all contribute to the seductress look.

Use your creativity to combine the various hues and make sure you match the makeup style to your skin tone, event and last but definitely not least your eye shape. The colors you can choose from are: champagne, bronze, dark silver as well as midnight shadows and a classy black gel liner.

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020Midnight Glamour Lip Palette

Midnight Glamour Deluxe Lip Palette

Sport your signature lip makeup with this literally colorful palette of pastel as well as more vibrating and eerie shades. Shimmering hues would help you complement your smokey eyes makeup for nightwear, whereas the darker and more profound colors would enhance your look with loads of sex-appeal. Choose this lip palette if you wish to have a universal and on trend palette at hand. Enrich your kit with this stylish makeup product and spot your favorite shade from: clear sparkle, nude gloss as well as berry and deep red. These are the shades that would definitely make you the queen of the holidays this year.

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020Midnight Glamour Luminous Highlighting Powder

Midnight Glamour Luminous Highlighting Powder

Arm up your makeup base kit with this fabulous and translucent highlighting powder that offers you the privilege to choose from three shimmery and glam shades. These would create the perfect harmony of tones when applied simultaneously using a pro powder brush. On the other hand you have green way also to choose only one of the shades and use it for the various events. Your skin tone should define the shade selection, therefore make sure you take this factor into account before starting the makeover process. The luminous glow would dress up your appearance in an instant adding a glittery tint to your face. Apply it over the entire face or you can also retrain yourself to the cheekbones.

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020Midnight Glamour Hypergloss Eye Shimmer

Midnight Glamour Hypergloss Eye Shimmer

Turn your glimpse into real jewelry with the miraculous hypergloss eye shimmer. Thanks to the micro pigments as well as the high quality formula your eyes will look mysterious and mesmerizing. Arm up your appearance if you prepare for a date or a special night time event with a similar accessory. For a natural looking effect limit yourself to one sole coat. However those who would like to stand out from the crowd and adopt a more eye-catching effect can go for more layers.

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Holiday Makeup 2020Midnight Glamour Nail Lacquer

Midnight Glamour Nail Lacquer

The midnight blue nail polish will look jut fantastic when applied to both short and polished as well as long and feminine nails. Those who devote more attention to their manicure will be thrilled to adopt the bold nails trend which encourages us to embrace the use of dark and sultry shades as this one. Take advantage of the generous offer of the collection and crown this nail color with a front row position in your manicure kit.

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